5 Reasons Government Agencies Choose Passive Optical LAN

This week we are at NITEC 2017 in Ottawa, Canada representing Passive Optical LAN benefits, and its growing popularity, to the NATO Communications and Information Agency communities.

No doubt the US Federal Government, both civilian and defense agencies, are the early adopters of Optical LAN. Why is this? This wide spread market acceptance is a result of these 5 tangible results that government agencies have enjoyed on behalf of OLAN:


  1. Simple – OLAN’s centralized management and SDN-like functionality enable network resources to be defined in software and dynamically allocated based on real-time needs
  2. Scalable – Optical LAN supports higher number of gigabit Ethernet ports in less space and centralized management allows for faster moves-adds-changes empowering IT staff to work efficiently and accurately
  3. Secure – With OLAN there are fewer network points of vulnerability and a more defensible physical network, thus the cyber security posture of facilities is directly improved
  4. Sustainable – The government agencies that deploy OLAN experience lower power consumption, lower thermals generated, less material utilized and less space impacted
  5. Smart – Best of all, OLAN can save the agencies money relative to lower equipment, infrastructure, installation and annual support costs

If you would like to gather more information about these 5 reasons government agencies choose OLAN and the named agencies that are deploying OLAN, please download our Federal Government Solution Summary paper.