APOLAN Adds Members And Offers Its Expertise Into The Wireless Arena At DAS Congress

Once again I’m pleased to announce that the Association for Passive Optical LAN is growing. APOLAN just circulated a global news release stating that four heavyweight companies have joined the cause to help drive education and global adoption.


Another indicator of APOLAN accelerated market acceptance is that DAS Congress invited the Association to their Las Vegas based conference from May 16th through May 18th. APOLAN has been asked to speak twice about how deploying a Passive Optical LAN can help an enterprise future-proof their network infrastructure while realizing all of the benefits of converged fiber-based wired and wireless network.


It is Tellabs’ experience that the inherent advantages of the Tellabs OLAN solution, including lower costs and smaller energy and space requirements, help balance some of the challenges of Wi-Fi and DAS deployments. We have also found that a Passive Optical LAN enhances a Wi-Fi network’s density and reach, thereby improving Wi-Fi performance and coverage.


If you would like to read more about how Tellabs Optical LAN can benefit both Wi-Fi and DAS implementations, please access our overview paper titled “Passive Optical LAN Teams with DAS and Wi-Fi Solution Overview“.