APOLAN Recognizes Tellabs For PON Leadership in Innovation, Education and Promotion

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Blog

The Association for Passive Optical LAN (APOLAN) recognized its member companies that have embraced the Association’s mission to educate, advocate and promote for the global adoption of Passive Optical LAN technology. This year the honorees were formally announced at the APOLAN annual member’s meeting at the BICSI 2020 Winter Conference. It was very exciting to learn that Tellabs was acknowledged for exceptional achievements in all three categories of Education, Innovation and Promotion!

Education Award

APOLAN Education Gold award went to Tellabs for 5-day Optical LAN Deployment and Support Certification Training for VeteransWe are especially proud that the Education Gold award went to Tellabs for “Five-day Optical LAN Deployment and Support Certification Training for Veterans.” In 2019, Tellabs provided a gratis five-day Passive Optical LAN Deployment and Support Certification training class in Sterling, Virginia for veterans transitioning from active duty. Provided to students free of charge, the multi-day Optical LAN training curriculum incorporated both lectures and guided lab activities. The training helped eight veterans, many of whom were immediately offered employment opportunities with Tellabs’ federal government integrators.

Promotion Award

APOLAN Promotion Platinum awards, so Tellabs won Promotion Platinum awards for its Passive Optical LAN video seriesThere was a tie for the Promotion Platinum award, so Tellabs won a Promotion Platinum award for its “Passive Optical LAN video series.” Tellabs developed professionally produced videos created following the Challenger (CEB) Sales Method, which is a sales approach tailor made for selling complex technical solutions. The first video is an introduction to Passive Optical LAN titled “Tellabs Optical LAN Overview”. The second video speaks to using 10 gigabit Passive Optical LAN inside buildings and across an extended campus titled, “Tellabs FlexSym Series 10 gigabit Optical LAN.”  Video content like this is essential to attract, engage and convert customers from traditional network design to Passive Optical LAN.

APOLAN Promotion Platinum award, with help from both Tellabs and OCC, for the 2019 Regional OLAN Seminar SeriesAlpha Technologies also won the Promotion Platinum award, with help from both Tellabs and OCC, for the “2019 Regional OLAN Seminar Series.” Alpha, OCC and Tellabs collaborated to create a three-city roadshow to demonstrate the benefits of POL, including techniques and best practices for cabling and remote power. The events occurred in Washington DC, Dallas, and Las Vegas. The audience learned how to plan, build, and operate a POL network, from pre-sale to post-deployment implementation. The event showed how the three elements of deployment – electronics, cabling, and power – can be deployed in an economical manner to compete with legacy Category 5/6 alternatives.

Innovation Award

APOLAN Innovation Platinum winner was Alpha Technologies with support from Tellabs, for the World’s Largest Remote Powered POL Network, Fort Belvoir, US ArmyThe Innovation Platinum winner was Alpha Technologies, an EnerSys Company, with support from Tellabs, for the “World’s Largest Remote Powered POL Network, Fort Belvoir, US Army.” Using Tellabs’ OLAN equipment, and Alpha’s remote powering solutions, Fort Belvoir became the largest deployment of remotely powered POL in the world. The improved efficiency of the remote powering solution (92 percent vs 70 percent for local power alternatives) is resulting in lower energy consumption of the facility. In addition, remote accessibility is improving the ability to troubleshoot the network, and the ability to remotely reboot an ONT is lowering operating costs by minimizing technician visits.

If you would like to read more about the 2019 APOLAN member award winners, you can read the entire APOLAN news release by clicking right here.

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John Hoover, Tellabs Marketing Director
John Hoover
Director of Marketing
John Hoover is a Marketing Director at Tellabs and 2024 Board Chair of the Association for Promoting Optical LAN (APOLAN). Over the past 20 years, John has influenced industry milestones such as early passive optical network deployments, video implementations, wireless and more recently enterprise Passive Optical LAN adoption.