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The Tellabs Advantage Channel Partner Program is designed to offer partners unique opportunities to grow their business with our industry-leading network solutions. Tellabs is expanding our leadership, defining the future of networking across enterprise, government and broadband - join now and be a part of our success!

Tellabs Advantage
Partner Program


Build your business on a better foundation.


Becoming a Tellabs Advantage Partner puts you in an elite class of network companies that are designing and implementing the future of networking. You will have differentiated, best-in-class solutions that deliver strong value for your customers.


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The TellabsTM Advantage Channel Partner Program goal is to accelerate growth for our partners by strengthening our sales channels and relationships together.


Critical elements of a sales partner program are ease and efficiency of doing business. Tellabs’ program is designed to maximize our responsiveness and support to make it easier — and more profitable — for partners to do business. Furthermore, Tellabs is highly selective in forming its sales relationships, thus minimizing channel competition between our partners. This approach enables Tellabs to have the maximum ability to tailor the program to each partner’s unique business model.


What is the key advantage of having Tellabs as your technology partner? Most resellers would say that it’s being able to offer industry-leading enterprise LAN and broadband access solutions, those that reduce network operating expense while providing best-in-class capabilities. That alone is often crucial to winning and retaining a customer. But it’s not the only thing that your customer wants from you.


When you can also provide professional services, plan, deploy, and support the network that you sell, your company becomes even more valuable to the customer. And your relationship with them becomes even stronger and more profitable.

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