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The Tellabs Advantage Partner Program is designed to offer our partners exceptional opportunities to grow your business, increase revenue and gain unique solution differentiation. Tellabs is expanding our industry leadership, defining the future of networking across enterprise, government and broadband - join now and be a part of our success!

Gain differentiated solutions that deliver unique value for your customers


Candidates interested in joining our Partner Program are often referred by customers, distributors, alliance manufactures, sales agents and Tellabs’ employees. A diverse resource of online material is available for those considering joining including social media, blogs, solution overviews, white papers, published articles, news releases and case studies. Potential Partners capabilities are evaluated based on their technology expertise, geography, industry and customer influence. Tellabs is highly selective in our Partner evaluation process, thus minimizing channel competition for all our Partners.



Once accepted to join the Tellabs Advantage Partner Program, our new Partners will proceed through the onboarding process. This process includes signing NDA, submitting Partner Onboarding Form and Credit application.


Enablement includes gaining access to our online portal called Tellabs™ Nexus resources, completing online Marketing & Sales certification by passing our eLearning modules test, receiving technical sales training and finish formal Network Planning and Design course within 6-months of starting the process. We also ask that you initiate joint marketing activities, attend our annual Partners Conference and acquire the necessary lab system. During this same time, our channel sales team will be assisting you through this Enablement process and working directly with you on a business plan to assure success.



Retaining our successful Partners is our high priority. To do so, we offer Incentive Points Program for joint marketing and sales activities, protection through Deal Registration, joint marketing and sales assistance, lead sharing, access to our Tellabs Dallas Demonstration Center, invitation to our Annual Partner Conference and free remote technical support for Partner’s lab equipment.


Both Reseller and/or Deployment Partner Choices

The Tellabs Advantage Partner Program offers two distinct opportunities: a Certified Reseller Partner authorized to resell Tellabs solutions, and/or a Certified Deployment Partner, authorized to install and provision Tellabs solutions. Either way, the Advantage Partner Program provides a structured certification process for both reseller and deployment partners, so the choice is yours.


Click here to contact us to start the process of becoming a Tellabs Advantage Partner today!


Quick Facts

  • Incentive Points Program used on approved co-marketing activities


  • Opportunity Protection with Deal Registration


  • Joint Marketing Support, Resources and Lead Sharing
  • Access to Tellabs Dallas Demonstration Center and awards at the Annual Partner Conference


  • Free Remote Technical Support for Partner Lab Equipment


  • The goal is to differentiate your company as a true full-service solutions provider!

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