Benefits Of Subtending Wi-Fi WAPs Onto A Passive Optical LAN Network

Our customers are quickly discovering the many benefits when subtending Wi-Fi WAPs onto their optical LAN system, such as higher bandwidth, improved QoS, and extended reach.


Tellabs’ Optical LAN has the ability to deliver protected symmetrical gigabit capacity to the Wi-Fi WAPs served from our Optical Line Terminals (ONTs) and provide strong end-to-end QoS traffic management.  These same ONTs are capable of powering the Wi-Fi WAPs through either PoE or PoE+, including automated provisioning and energy savings management functions.  The Tellabs’ ONTs also support NAC, GRE tunnels and LLDP which further enables more efficient provisioning and operations of Wi-Fi WAPs.


In addition, Tellabs passive Optical LAN’s extended reach can help increase the density and reach of the Wi-Fi networks.  The wireless reach is often limited by Ethernet copper cabling’s 300 feet maximum distance for WAP connectivity.  By leveraging the SMF cabling that has bulk remote powering, an Optical LAN architecture can expand the reach distance by a factor of 3x for subtending Wi-Fi WAPS to optimize wireless network coverage.


If you want to learn more about Tellabs’ Optical LAN solution synergies with wireless, both Wi-Fi and DAS, please follow this link to access an overview paper on the same topic.