Best ever feature of Optical LAN is Operational Efficiencies via Panorama PON Manager

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Blog

An IT executive from a major hotel chain that has an ominous name explained recently how Optical LAN’s operational efficiencies, via Tellabs Panorama PON Manager, are the primary benefit for his hotel and his staff. He said that initially everyone was talking about how OLAN saved energy, space and money, but once installed he quickly realized how much more important operational efficiencies were to keep his stretched team’s workload manageable.

On the topic of Operational Efficiencies and Panorama PON Manager, my two previous blogs covered:

  1. Fast entry to User Management, Global Profiles and PON Protection found in Panorama PON Manager Tool Bar
  2. Quick navigation through Port View, Equipment View, Alarm/Event View and other Views in Panorama PON Manager Application Bar

Now I’ll provide more insight about easy access of Panorama PON Manager from desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone or the cloud.

DesktopPanorama PON Manager can be installed on server hardware maintained by the customer to centrally manage the Optical LAN inside buildings and across an expansive campus from one management console. It utilizes Windows Operating System and can support a virtualized Windows environment on a single computer via a VMware ESX solutions suite to better optimize hardware.

Laptop or Tablet – As part of our Advanced Operations Software Package, we also provide the option for a web browser user interface that can be accessed from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. It is meant to help streamline the daily operations of diagnostics, performance monitoring and speed moves-adds-changes. It supports advance searches, service management and troubleshooting functions.

Cloud – Of course Tellabs Panorama Cloud can be accessed from a desktop or mobile device, and then what you gain is the element management system being maintained by Tellabs and accessible only to authorized users from secure VPN. The Panorama Cloud is a subscription-based service. This subscription includes OLAN system software and Panorama software updates. The customer does not have to worry about keeping the server OS upgraded, nor maintaining backups of the OLAN system and Panorama Cloud databases – that’s Tellabs’ responsibility.

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