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Solution flexibility enables service providers to use the same product portfolio as used for the Multi-service Access Platform applications for PON delivery.
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Continued leadership in Passive Optical Networking

Due to the explosive consumer demand for sophisticated communications and entertainment services and the growth of business globalization and teleworking, network bandwidth requirements have increased at an exponential rate. To deliver the bandwidth required to support both new services and rising demand, service providers must find ways to quickly and cost-effectively migrate to deep fiber solutions to deliver the required bandwidth.

The Tellabs MSAP offers a range of deployment options that promote a multi-tiered approach to service rollout based on market conditions, geography, budget cycles and the pace of localized residential or commercial development. With the capability to deploy any service out of the CO or remote cabinets, the Tellabs Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (G-PON) solution offers reduced operational costs with a graceful migration from traditional copper-based services, to ITU-T 984 G-PON and the future ITU-T 989 10G PON (XGS-PON)..

Quick Facts


  • Powerful triple-play service capability over fiber.


  • Lowest cost path to deploying PON services from existing access equipment.


  • PON with an IP/Ethernet packet-based architecture from embedded and operationalized MSAP.



  • Upgrade existing systems to PON without abandoning revenue generating TDM services.


  • Supports traditional voice or VoIP services and RF video or IP video.


  • Single-mode fiber outside plant investment has no known capacity ceiling.


Longstanding FTTx leadership


The Tellabs Broadband FTTx includes Fiber-To-The-Home, Fiber-To-The-Node, Fiber-To-The-Basement (MDU) and Fiber-To-The-Business. The Tellabs FTTH BPON and GPON solutions power some of the largest PON deployments in the world. The flexibility of the products enables service providers to use the same product portfolio as used for the MSAP applications. This makes inventory and deployment easier when compared to having separate application-specific equipment.


Powerful triple-play service capability over Fiber


Tellabs MSAP delivers Voice over IP with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), high-speed Internet, business data (transparent LAN services), all forms of entertainment video and smart home services over the latest generation of PON.


IP/Ethernet packet-based architecture


The Tellabs PON solution for FTTx deployments features advanced IP/Ethernet switch design, with extensions to add robust security, high availability and management appropriate for a high-performance IP/Ethernet network.


Supports traditional voice or VoIP services


The Tellabs MSAP solution provides a cost-effective transition between Voice over IP (VoIP) and legacy POTS over a fiber-based architecture.


All forms of entertainment and business video


The many different entertainment and business video formats, including Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), RF video and Video on Demand (VoD), are support for the modern home and business, being served by a FTTx system.


Compatibility with today’s infrastructure


Tellabs’ 10G XG-PON solution takes into consideration both current and future impacts for system wavelengths, powering and space so as to eliminate conflicts. Furthermore, Current single-mode fiber cabling, passive optical splitters and fiber management infrastructure all supports the different generations of PON, including G-PON, XGS-PON and NG-PON.


Software Defined Networking


Tellabs PON is the ideal choice for SDN. PON already matches SDN intent and already supports SDN-like functionality today. 10G PON implementation will be the first step towards open-source and standards-based SDN.


Tellabs R&D leadership


Tellabs has a track record of deploying evolutionary PON technologies and scaling these technologies to millions of ports of PON.

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