Building Success with Passive Optical LAN Growth Acceleration

There are many recent positive data points indicating that Passive Optical LAN is reveling in accelerated growth in 2018 – not only in an increase in new customers, but also in the maturity of the POL industry.


Lask week’s APOLAN news release supports this POL customer growth, with statements made by BSRIA, Gartner and Hanover Research during a recent webinar. The latest BSRIA global POL study calculated that the POL market is ramping at 46% CAGR. In Gartner’s 2018 study “Does Passive Optical LAN Have a Future in Your Access Network“, they mentioned a “growing number of Gartner client inquiries” investigating POL. Finally, a Hanover Research POL survey revealed that 44% of the IT professionals they spoke with have heard of and are familiar with POL and 59% find fiber-based LAN solutions very appealing.


BSRIA’s growth projection is influenced by the overall maturing of the POL industry – that means a growing number of POL manufacturers and integrators. The aforementioned Gartner paper states that the number of network integrators offering POL solution continues to increase. Globally we’ve seen fellow APOLAN member companies Huawei and Nokia experiencing success with POL in their worldwide markets. In North America, we’re seeing Corning double-down on POL with their multi-vendor OEM’d solution. At Tellabs, we too are experiencing an up-tick in OLAN adoption as we enjoy accelerated growth in 2018.


This is all great news for the POL market, our valued partners and Tellabs. At Tellabs, we pledge to continue to support our customers, partners, and the greater industry, to keep this momentum throughout 2018 and beyond..


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