Building Tellabs’ Heritage Of Being A Leading Provider Of Simple And Scalable Access Solutions

Tellabs strives on building lasting customer relationships by delivering the best business solutions possible. For decades, we delivered innovative network solutions to Verizon, AT&T and independent operating companies like Wisconsin based Nsight, also known as Cellcom. At Tellabs, we are passionate about the pursuit of operational excellence, collaboration and achieving goals.


For those reasons, our customers like Verizon, AT&T and Nsight/Cellcom have trusted our employees, company and products with the responsibility to connect millions upon millions of broadband access customers, including residential homes, multi-dwelling units, mixed-use properties and enterprise businesses.


This week we distributed a news release showcasing our long-standing Passive Optical Network (PON) deployment in Shawano, Wisconsin with Cellcom. Cellcom is a premier communications provider serving this 9,000-resident community with quad-play services, including voice, video, internet and cellular. The Tellabs PON enables gigabit speed fiber connectivity to homes, apartments and senior living facilities, as well as the businesses, schools and public service agencies. It is the Tellabs® Panorama™ PON Manager that is credited with helping Cellcom improve operations with faster network moves, adds and changes. Thus, Cellcom has seen a 54% increase in internet subscribers and a 17% increase in total customers over the past three years.


Tellabs recognizes that our reseller partners are a critical part of delivering unparalleled customer service and lasting customer relationships. For the Shawano Cellcom PON deployment, our valued partner is Core Telecom. Core Telecom has been a single point of contact providing assessment, consultation and logistics services for Cellcom. There is no doubt that Core Telecom’s consultative partner approach to business has benefited Cellcom and the Shawano community by assuring the Tellabs network operates at the highest level possible.


If you want to learn more about Tellabs’ broadband and passive optical networking solutions, please visit our web-based library of resources.