Webinar: Cost-Effective Options for Optical LAN over Multimode Cabling

Register for this webinar and you can learn how to move forward new Optical LAN projects where the existence of multimode fiber cabling hindered acceptance. Additional Optical LAN projects are now possible with cost-effective options for OLAN over MMF using our Tellabs® FlexSym™ SM-MM Optical Splitters.



Cost-Effective Options for Optical LAN over Multimode Fiber Cabling
May 22nd at 11:00 am ET

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You see, MMF has historically been used by enterprise LANs inside buildings and across campus. For renovation projects, the removal of MMF cabling, and its replacement with singlemode cable, often hurts the business case for an Optical LAN design. Furthermore, where Optical LAN was preferred for the new expansion, customers have been hesitant to operate traditional LAN and OLAN in parallel.


Yet, this has occurred when Optical LAN, and SMF, are enjoying universal acceptance for greenfield applications. OLAN contributes to better security, stability, simplicity and savings – both CapEx or OpEx. OLAN ensures a better, more cost-effective, modern LAN for cloud services, smart building, 5G wireless, 10G connectivity and IoT. Therefore, it behooves us to maximize the usage of fiber cabling, and OLAN, wherever possible. And, we should minimize the use of copper cabling, and traditional LAN, whether we are tackling a renovation brownfield or new-build greenfield projects.


So, what to do with your existing multimode cabling when you ultimately want Optical LAN?


You can take advantage of the Tellabs FlexSym SM-MM Optical Splitters to break free new OLAN projects by leveraging existing MM cabling:

  • Improve economics for Optical LAN over existing multimode fiber
  • Enabling flexible Passive Optical LAN design across OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 cables
  • Leverage current infrastructure, both MM and SM cabling, for 10G speeds and beyond
  • Achieve better resiliency with optional Type-B dual PON protection.

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