Do You Want The Good News About Optical Networks Or The Bad News About The Alternative?

The good news for owners and developers of hotels and resorts is that fiber-based network connectivity commands a premium for property value and the amount of money guests are willing to spend. Alternatively, the bad news is that 67% of travelers will not return to properties with poor connectivity.


In support of the good news side, Broadband Communities publishes a fiber network primer that has an interesting chapter that covers the value added to properties that leverage fiber-based networks. Tapping into studies done by RVA LLC, they determined that a fiber-based network adds $6,000 premium on a typical condo or house. They also discovered that renters are willing to pay a 15% a month premium, which on average adds-up to $81 a month higher rent, for fiber connectivity.

The bad news confirms that the alternative is not good, since one study in particular stated that 67% of travelers would not return to a hotel with poor connectivity.


Tellabs prefers to focus on the positive and in a summary titled Tellabs Optical LAN Solution for Owners and Developers of Hotels and Resorts, we outline how hoteliers of all sizes can improve the guest experience, increase property value and business revenue while saving operational monies with a Passive Optical LAN.


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