DoD trusts Tellabs Optical LAN for their most secure and scalable network demands at DISA Global Operations Command facility

NAPERVILLE, IL. – March 7, 2017 – Tellabs, a leading provider of Passive Optical LAN (POL) solutions, and Envistacom, a communications solutions provider, have made significant contributions to the Department of Defense (DoD) Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Global Operations Command facility at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois. Tellabs and Envistacom teamed in the design and deployment of this fiber-based enterprise communication network that provides the highest degree of security and greatest means of scalability for DISA.


The new DISA Global Operations Command facility was specifically designed to meet the cyber-security needs of the modern warfighter and it acts as the largest cyber operations center in the USA. It is touted as having the most advanced networking systems available to the DoD. The $100 million facility was commissioned on-time and $13 million under budget. Its mission is predicated on integrating DoD personnel from multiple branches of service working together for tightened communication between DoD departments.


The DoD and DISA chose Tellabs Optical LAN (OLAN), a fiber-based alternative to copper-based legacy Local Area Networks (LAN). OLAN is based on Gigabit Passive Optical Network (G-PON) standards and advanced Ethernet technologies. The OLAN architecture not only provided the agency with upfront capital savings, versus a traditional solution, but it is also expected to reduce operational and energy requirements annually. Most importantly, OLAN was chosen for this network because of its scalability and security benefits.


An OLAN provides great scalability: increased Gigabit Ethernet capacity, reduced equipment, all over a fiber cable infrastructure. Its greater reach than legacy copper-based LANs eliminates the electronics that are traditionally positioned in telecommunication rooms and replaces those aggregation and distribution points with a passive optical network. Scalability is also supported by centrally managed systems and a graceful migration to future network speeds and technologies.


OLAN also delivers a more secure architecture compared to traditional closet-based LANs.  OLAN’s centralized intelligence and management software secures policies and procedures for increased internal cyber-security by significantly reducing the number of potential intrusion ports in the network. Additionally, the OLAN’s fiber cabling avoids the electromagnetic radiation vulnerability associated with legacy copper cabling.


We are proud Tellabs Optical LAN contributed to the most advanced networking systems now available to the DoD and DISA.” said Mike Dagenais, Tellabs President and CEO. “We are confident that our fiber-based LAN solution will scale in a secure and cost efficient manner to meet the growth needs of the DoD, DISA, National Guard, Reserve, Air Force, Marines and Army personnel working together at this new world-class Scott AFB facility.”


We are pleased to work with Tellabs to deliver a robust network architecture resulting in lower costs and increased security across the networks for the DISA Global Operation Command facility.” said Tom Proctor, Vice President of Operations for Envistacom. “Envistacom’s expertise in information sharing and knowledge management systems enable our team to deliver innovative solutions that accelerate the transition of emerging technologies into the hands of our warfighters for mission success.”


More detailed information about Tellabs Optical LAN usage by the federal government and military, can be found by accessing these dedicated website resource pages.


About Tellabs
Tellabs delivers technology that transforms the way the world communicates. Tellabs evolutionary passive Optical LAN empowers the building of a modern high performance LAN infrastructure that is simple, secure, stable, scalable, sustainable and costs less.


About Envistacom
Envistacom is a privately held, woman-owned technology company that provides counterterrorism, cybersecurity and communication solutions to the U.S. aerospace, defense and intelligence communities. Headquartered in Atlanta, the company uses its domain expertise to help customers protect personnel, data and critical infrastructure around the world. Our innovation, agility and responsiveness makes us a trusted partner in defeating both conventional and asymmetric threats.


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