Don’t Trust Your Network And Assume The Threat Is Already Present – Now What Is Your Next Move?

With October being National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, I wanted to pass on some valuable network security advice. Don’t trust your network and assume the security threat is already present – now what is your next move?


A smart next move would be to close known points of network vulnerability by doing the following:


  1. Reduce the number of full functioning locally managed switches in your network that act as access points for bad people to do bad things
  2. Limit network access and implement consistent security procedures that are centrally managed through global policies
  3. Promote the use of fiber cabling, and limit copper cabling usage, because fiber cabling is inherently more secure than copper

An even smarter next move would be to update your network to a highly secure Passive Optical LAN architecture which locks-down all the above points of vulnerability.


We will be at MILCOM 2017 in Baltimore, at booth #803, leading the secure networking dialogue with US federal agencies and military.


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