Tellabs Optical LAN for Higher Education
Unify and extend networks on campus and in buildings to improve connectivity demands, to improve student learning and lower costs.
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Agile connectivity for colleges and universities

Connectivity drives life on campuses. Students, professors, administrators and support staff rely on secure, stable networks for learning, collaborating, campus management and so much more. However, constant funding pressures can make it difficult to meet growing demand for network resources.

Tellabs Optical LAN solution offers a cost-effective way to unify and grow networks across schools, colleges, universities and local communities to offer ultra-fast broadband services while lowering operating costs and reducing energy consumption. Plus, the fiber-based solution easily scales and adapts to support next-generation technologies.

Quick Facts


  • Optical LANs are simpler than copper-based networks. There is less equipment and cabling to house and maintain.


  • Optical LANs reduce operating costs because they have fewer electronics, less cabling, lower power needs and do not require telecom rooms.


  • Network management is centralized, requiring fewer IT resources to maintain secure, efficient campus-wide services.



  • Fiber networks are ideal for current network demands and migration to next-generation technologies since they have no known bandwidth limit.


  • Easily interconnect far-reaching campus buildings, student housing, research facilities and others community facilities with one converged network.


  • Helps schools achieve sustainability goals as it significantly reduces energy consumption, plastics and other materials.




Our Optical LAN solution enables school administrators to reduce IT budgets by deploying an established technology that provides LAN simplification and scalability. The IT staff charged with maintaining the schools’ networks see greater operational efficiencies, network uptime and security with Optical LANs. Faculty and students enjoy high performance, high availability access to wired, Wi-Fi (over OLAN) and DAS services (over fiber) from school equipment and their own laptops, smartphones, tablets and other devices.




Fiber cable has no known bandwidth limits or obsolescence horizon, so today’s investment in fiber cabling for both LAN and WAN infrastructures is protected. Optical LAN’s superior reach can cost-effectively extend broadband services across a campus as well as local communities and neighboring anchor institutes. The architecture of the Passive Optical LAN eliminates telecom rooms, reduces LAN mid-span electronics, purges cabling and materials, which ultimately helps meet sustainability goals. With Optical LAN’s centralized intelligence and management, the network is simplified and IT skill-set and head-count reductions can be balanced. The network also provides the best possible performance for campus services and applications such as VoIP, unified communications, eLearning, scientific research, Wi-Fi, DAS, building automation, campus safety, security, surveillance, and all forms of video.



Optical LANs easily scale to keep pace with growing demand for data services and technology advancements. They are also a highly secure network to protect credit card transactions (PCI compliance), campus healthcare facilities (HIPAA compliance), student records and other confidential information. Optical LANs are well-suited to handle diverse and wide-ranging services and applications that are critical for aspects of campuses, such as classrooms, labs, faculty offices, libraries, study spaces, recreational areas, sports facilities, stadiums, outdoor areas, healthcare facilities, cafes, restaurants, book stores, conference centers and student housing.


Best choice for accelerating high-speed connectivity


Tellabs Optical LAN provides the best business case for accelerating the deployment of high-speed networks for schools, colleges, universities, affiliated facilities and local communities. These fiber-based networks power the connectivity that drives campus life in a lower cost, environmentally responsible way while positioning higher education institutions to easily adapt and scale services as demand grows and new technologies are introduced.

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