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Modern travelers are technically savvy, and if expectations are not met, they will immediately let you know online. Their experience on your property is overwhelmingly determined by the performance of their online connectivity. With the prevalence of social media available to modern travelers, this immediately and directly impacts the ability of the hotel and resort owners and operators to attract new and secure repeat bookings. Maintaining a positive image online is imperative.

Guests at hotels and resort properties demand fast, reliable access to network services, both wired and wireless. Tellabs Optical LAN is a fiber-based solution that delivers dramatically faster, more efficient, sustainable and scalable hotel networks versus traditional copper-based infrastructures. For the hospitality specifically, Optical LAN is an excellent choice to reduce costs while serving the connectivity needs of your guests and staff on one fiber network.

Quick Facts


  • Improves guest experience with network faster speeds, synergies with wireless and connectivity across all corners of your property.


  • Fiber cabling increases property value while the constant copper cabling replacement negatively impacts the bottom-line.


  • Converts space savings into business revenue – telecommunication rooms can be re-purposed to larger rooms or suites.



  • All hotel networks, services and technologies can be easily converged on one fiber-based network allowing for one centralized unified management.


  • Many synergies with indoor and outdoor wireless connectivity – both Wi-Fi and cellular DAS.


  • And, Optical LAN saves hoteliers money on day-1 with lower capital costs and year-over-year with lower operational costs.




Our Optical LAN solution provides reliable, fast access to communication services for guests – a great way to build brand loyalty. Guests easily connect to personal, business and hotel services via wired or wireless connectivity from all kinds of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops or hotel-sponsored interfaces (e.g. phone, TV, kiosk). Hotel owners and operators appreciate that the Optical LAN takes up less physical space. Former telecom rooms can be converted for revenue-generating purposes. IT staff benefits from operational efficiencies associated with centralized network management and simpler troubleshooting.




The Optical LAN solution reduces energy consumption in a number of ways. The architecture requires fewer active electronics and uses smaller equipment. That means less power is needed at the main data center. There’s also no longer a need for a large telecom room, so overall cooling costs for facilities are reduced. Fewer, smaller cables means less weight burden on buildings. The lighter fiber cables also reduce the amount of plastic and the associated smoke load. Fiber networks also require fewer wall and floor penetrations, which translates to a lower fire hazard. For waterfront and tropical locations, the Optical LAN solution and fiber networks are resistant to humidity, corrosion, salt and lightning.



Tellabs OLAN is ideal for securely converging all critical systems that power hotel and resorts operations, including property management systems (PMS), admin phones, guest phones, point of sale (including PCI compliance), voicemail, automated billing, PBX, call accounting, back office/finance, access control, door lock systems, security, surveillance, guest Internet, free-to-guest TV, Video On Demand, catering systems, property wide audio, digital signage, self-serve kiosks, lighting control, environmental controls, HD video conferencing, safety, fire detection systems, Wi-Fi and DAS. Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) organization views Optical LAN as an excellent choice for hotels/resorts deploying fiber-to-the-room architecture.


Take advantage of the benefits of fiber networking


By taking advantage of the benefits of fiber networks and Tellabs Optical LAN, hotels and resort properties can exceed the needs of modern high-performance LANs. By deploying Tellabs Optical LAN, hoteliers can lower capital expenses, lower operational costs, consume less energy, convert space saved into revenue-generating purposes, improve LAN stability and tighten network security.

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