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Optical LAN helps improve passenger, retail and employee online experience and prepares transportation hubs for digital transformation.
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Transportation hubs choose OLAN to solve network challenges

Transportation hubs such as airports, train stations, sea ports and motor freight centers are facing significant challenges with their digital transformation relative to IT budgetary constraints and an aging network infrastructure that lacks the needed speeds, connectivity and capacity. Furthermore, the industry is struggling with the convergence of IT and operational technology. And, their adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies only heightens their exposure to cybersecurity concerns.

Today, the transportation industry entities by air, rail, water and motor are grasping the advantages that Passive Optical LANs have over traditional copper-based infrastructure to solve their networking challenges. The Optical LAN solution has demonstrated that the solution meets the strict security, reliability and scalability requirements that airports, ports and train stations network infrastructure demand. Tellabs Optical LAN solution is an innovative, field-proven and cutting-edge solution to the growing network complexities that challenge the transportation industry.

Quick Facts


  • Passengers, retail businesses and employees experience better network security, performance and reliability with a graceful migration to future 10G and 40G network speeds.


  • Fiber cabling is inherently more secure than copper, and Optical LAN has less points of network vulnerability – including 4-to-1 reduction in cabling.


  • Lower operating costs with fewer electronics, less cabling, lower energy consumption and no need for telecom rooms across sprawling properties.



  • 4x better Gigabit Ethernet density while occupying 90% less space means greater connectivity density in a smaller footprint for IoT.


  • 20 kilometers reach with no electronics creates synergies with indoor and outdoor wireless connectivity – both Wi-Fi and cellular DAS.


  • The Passive Optical LAN can be a revenue generator for transportation hubs serving retail outlets with highly secure PCI compliant connectivity.


Improves passenger experience


Optical LAN solutions provide transportation networks with superior stability, high availability and industry-leading network uptime. The better reliability for networks means visiting passengers enjoy access to Internet connectivity, smart building and IoT amenities – plus synergies with cellular and Wi-Fi.


More secure LAN architecture


The OLAN architecture improves the physical LAN’s defensibility by reducing network vulnerability points. It also enables consistent protection policies that are centrally managed – all while reducing human error and increasing network stability.


Greater operational efficiencies


Improves IT efficiencies by increasing the speed of LAN configurations, monitoring, and troubleshooting while reducing human error and security risks. Repeatable global policy profiles are of the utmost importance for simple, reliable and secure network operations.

Ideal for smart building and IoT


OLAN has centralized intelligence and management to manage the thousands of IoT connected devices in a more M2M and plug-n-play manner. OLAN offers 4x better Gigabit Ethernet density while occupying 90% less space which allows scalability for future IoT growth.


Synergies with fiber-based cellular and Wi-Fi


Both Distributed Antennas System (DAS) and OLAN leverage the benefits of fiber. DAS and OLAN synergies can be realized in powering, fiber cabling and fiber management. Tellabs partners with best of breed Wi-Fi makers ensuring highest performance. OLAN can be optimized for 1G, 2.5G, 5G and 10G connections to the WAPs. Wi-Fi traffic is then balanced by shifting ultra-high bandwidth, security and reliability services directly over OLAN.


Allows graceful capacity growth


Optical LAN system, fiber cabling and passive optical splitters already provide a graceful migration to 10G, 40G and 100G capacity with no conflicts. OLAN has greater gigabit Ethernet density (in a smaller footprint) and scalability to support thousands future smart intelligent building connectivity for IoT.

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