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A growing number of businesses and government entities are deploying our fiber-based enterprise LAN technologies that optimize network performance and realize fiber’s long list of dramatic, measurable advantages and benefits compared with legacy copper LANs.
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High Availability

Building LANs that experience less than 99.999% (5 minutes) and 99.9999% (30 seconds) annual network downtime, while lowering costs, reducing human error and improving security.

Operational Efficiencies

Improving IT efficiencies by increasing speed of LAN configurations, monitoring, troubleshooting and MACs, while reducing human error and security risks.

Passive Optical LAN

Passive Optical LAN is currently based on G-PON ITU-T 984 and advanced Ethernet protocols. It is optimized for network connectivity inside buildings and across campus.


Improve the physical LAN defensibility, enabling consistent protection policies that are centrally managed, while reducing human error and increasing network stability .

Software Defined Networks

Today, Tellabs OLAN allows network resources to be defined in software and dynamically allocated based on real-time needs – in the future, open-source standards-based SDN will be supported.

10G Optical LAN

Tellabs FlexSym Series provides a graceful migration to future 10G and 40G generations of enterprise Passive Optical LAN.

Optical Splitters

The Tellabs FlexSym Splitters open-up existing multimode fiber deployments to the benefits of Passive Optical LAN, by saving the time and expense of replacing previously installed multimode fiber with singlemode fiber cabling.

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