10G Optical LAN
Providing a graceful migration to future 10G and 40G generations of Passive Optical LAN.
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Future-proof architecture with unlimited capacity

In 2010 Tellabs delivered 10 GbE PON OLT and ONTs for an international next-generation PON initiative called Scalable Advanced Ring-based passive Dense Access Network Architecture (SARDANA). Tellabs won the Global Telecoms Business Innovations Award in 2011 for this SARDANA work, which proved the technical viability of 10G PON and DWDM PON. Tellabs continues to leverage the success of the SARDANA deliverables relative to considerations for future high-volume commercially viable future generation 10G PON solutions.

Our goals for next-generation 10 GbE PON are to make sure that the customer’s investment in Optical LAN is protected by eliminating the rip-and-replace of electronics and cabling. The intent is to ensure that customers have a future-proof graceful migration path as their network needs evolve with new services and applications, which may require greater bandwidth. Tellabs wishes to make certain that customers have cost-effective next-generation LAN choices; we want to ensure that the timing of 10 GbE solutions aligns with market demand, thus ensuring that the latest technology, smallest sized, lowest power and best cost value are obtained.

Quick Facts


  • Next-generation 10G PON will provide symmetrical transmission speeds.


  • Designed taking into account future generation wavelength impacts.


  • Current single-mode fiber cabling and passive optical splitters support next-generation 10G PON and beyond.



  • Upgrade to next-generation 10G XGS-PON can be done on a per ONT (per super-user) basis.


  • ONT’s powering and space requirements are inline with today’s existing deployments.


  • Single-mode fiber has no known capacity ceiling.


Symmetrical connectivity


XGS-PON is defined as part of the ITU-T G.989 standard. XGS-PON provides symmetrical (e.g. 10 Gbps downstream and 10 Gbps upstream) transmission, which is a hard requirement for true enterprise Passive Optical LAN.


Fiber’s unlimited bandwidth


Fiber optic cabling knows no upward limit to its capacity. Currently, fiber optic cable bandwidth records are hitting Petabyte speeds, which is a thousand times faster than Terabyte capacity.


Use 10G only where 10G is truly needed


It is a fact that 10G consumes more energy, is larger and costs more. Thus, it is best to be strategic as to what truly requires 10G connectivity. The good news is that upgrades to next-generation 10G XGS-PON can be done on a per ONT (per super-user) basis.

Compatibility with today’s infrastructure


Tellabs’ 10G XGS-PON solution takes into consideration both current and future impacts for system wavelengths, powering and space so as to eliminate any conflicts. Furthermore, current single-mode fiber cabling, passive optical splitters and fiber management infrastructure supports all generations of PON, including G-PON, XGS-PON and NG-PON.


Software Defined Networking


Tellabs Optical LAN is ideal choice for SDN. OLAN already matches SDN intent and already supports SDN like functionality today. 10G OLAN implementation will be the first step towards open-source and standards-based SDN.


Tellabs R&D leadership


Tellabs has a track record of deploying evolutionary PON technologies and scaling these technologies to millions of ports of PON.



Click Here to watch live video of 10G XGS-PON simultaneous delivery with G-PON


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