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The Tellabs FlexSym Splitters enable cost-effective re-use of existing multimode fiber cabling for Passive Optical LANs inside buildings and across a campus.
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Better Flexibility and Economics with Tellabs FlexSym Splitter Options

Passive Optical Networking has been focused on the advantage of single mode fiber cabling inherent supremacy. However, multimode fiber cabling does exist inside buildings and across a campus. It is common to find multimode cabling in a building’s raiser, horizontal and drop pathways. That meant that an upgrade to Passive Optical LAN was burdened with the time and expense required to replace all the multimode fiber to singlemode fiber. The additional expense of replacing the multimode fiber with singlemode fiber often hurt the economics of the Optical LAN upgrade.

The Tellabs FlexSym Splitters are a mode-adapting splitter that can support singlemode fiber on one side of the splitter, and multimode fiber one the other side, and still allows operation of 2.5G ITU-T 984 G-PON over the two different types of fiber cabling.


Tellabs FlexSym Splitter enables maximum re-use of exiting optical fiber infrastructure where there is singlemode fiber cabling between buildings, multimode fiber cabling within buildings and a centrally located OLT. It also can be used when a singlemode fiber cable is between main data center (i.e. MDF) to telecom closet (i.e. IDF) and a multimode cable runs from the telecom closet throughout the access network (i.e. horizontal and drops).


This enables both our commercial and federal government customers to move forward with Optical LAN upgrades because this singlemode to multimode splitter allows them to leverage existing multimode fiber cabling. The net result is they can cost-effectively update their network to OLAN, which gives them better security, has software defined LAN functions today and stands ready to support 10G speeds when and where needed.




Quick Facts


  • Enables Passive Optical LAN over existing multimode fiber cabling.


  • Supports all OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 fiber cable types.


  • Highly reliable, require no monitoring and no maintenance.



  • Optional support for Type-B dual PON protection for optimal network resiliency.


  • Consume no energy and emit no thermals.


  • Increase speed, capacity and performance of multimode fiber cabling.


Better economics for OLAN upgrade


Increases the performance of your multimode fiber cabling, adding better speed, greater capacity and the ability to deploy Passive Optical LAN regardless of cabling being singlemode or multimode fiber.


Graceful migration to future demands


The Tellabs FlexSym Splitters are currently tested to support 2.5G ITU-T 984 G-PON and stand ready to support 10G ITU-T 989 XGS-PON in the future. Therefore your investment in your existing fiber infrastructure is protected, whether you have multimode or singlemode fiber cabling.


Enabling flexible OLAN design


All types of multimode fiber cabling can be supported. That means,  OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 multimode fiber cables types can be used. The Tellabs FlexSym Splitters offer both 2:8 and 2:16 splitter versions. Optional Type-B dual PON protection and resiliency.


A purely passive solution


The Tellabs FlexSym Splitters are passive optical distribution splitters that are highly reliable, consume no energy, emit no additional thermals, require no monitoring and there is no need for any managed maintenance.


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