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Tellabs Express Bundle is the low cost, easy to order, install and operate Passive Optical LAN solution.
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A solution for enterprise network owners and operators of all sizes

Owning and operating a modern, reliable and secure fiber-based IT network infrastructure just got easier for the smaller resource constrained locations that still demand contemporary IT technologies with graceful path forward for future demands. The Tellabs Express Bundle is a compact Passive Optical LAN (OLAN) solution focused on helping smaller facilities balance IT staff, budget, and technology constraints, with a simple, yet scalable, true enterprise modern IT

Just as important, the OLAN architecture provides the most cost-effective path forward to future IT demands of greater connection densities and speeds while retaining the security and lower operational cost benefits of OLAN.


Tellabs Express Bundle is a simple, yet scalable, true enterprise Passive Optical LAN solution where one low price, and one orderable part number, delivers from 200 to 800 gigabit Ethernet connections.

Quick Facts


  • Simple and scalable enterprise solution


  • Start with one low price and one part number


  • 200 to 800 gigabit Ethernet connections



  • POTS voice and RF video Option


  • Local Power or Remote Power Option


  • Choose either OLT1131 or OLT1134AC


The Enterprise Network Challenges


Passive Optical LAN benefits of simple, stable, secure and scalable, often extend beyond the reach of small network operators. These same smaller network operators struggle with resource constraints related to staff, technology and money.

  • Staff – There are IT staff challenges of few IT staff on-site 24/7 or even none, and there is the greater industry struggles of IT staff skillset gap and labor shortage
  • Technology – Lack of expert IT oversight impairs the ability to design, build and operation new modern IT equipment, infrastructure and technologies
  • Money – Smaller locations means smaller budgets for IT equipment and infrastructure

Therefore, these smaller resource constrained workplaces cannot take advantage of modern IT technologies do to perceived complexities in ordering, installing and operating a contemporary fiber-based LAN. Yet, these same small, understaffed, risk averse and price sensitive locations still need a modern IT technologies today (e.g. OLAN, IoT, wireless, cloud, SDN) and still require a graceful migration to future IT demands (e.g. greater densities & speeds, 10Gbps, 40Gbps). The Tellabs Express Bundle breaks down these barriers and makes the future network available today to the small operator in a very easy to deploy and cost effect manner.


Tellabs Express Bundle Details


Tellabs Express Bundle starts with one price, and one orderable part number.  You then have the flexibility to right-size your design with simple OLT, ONT, support services and powering option choices.


  • OLT1131 or OLT1134
  • 50, 100, 125 or 200 ONTs
  • ONT140C, ONT140W or ONT142R
  • Local power supply or remote powering options

All of this combined makes Tellabs Express Bundle a low cost, easy to order, install and operate Passive Optical LAN solution that satisfies the challenges of network owners and operators of all sizes and all industries.

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