How Many Nines Of Availability Do You Really Need?

For modern businesses, LAN uptime is essential. When unplanned downtime happens, employee productivity and critical data gets lost, which costs businesses a lot of money. Gartner estimates that cost of network downtime per hour for large corporations is $42,000, with annual losses exceeding $3.6 million.


This is why LAN downtime is often a key performance indicator for CIO and IT staff that impact their performance reviews and compensation. Businesses today have two LAN options – a legacy, copper-based LAN or passive Optical LAN.


How do they know which option will provide them with a better availability?


LAN uptime, or availability, is often described in “nines.” For example, 99.9% availability delivers three nines, 99.999% delivers five nines, and so forth. How do the two LAN options compare?

Copper-based LANs provide three nines of availability. This translates to 9 hours and 15 minutes of downtime a year and $4,147,500 of average annual downtime cost.


Optical LAN provides five nines of availability, or only 5.26 minutes of downtime per year. At Tellabs, we took it even further by adding optical plant redundancy option (e.g. Type-B PON Redundancy). By taking advantage of all redundancy options available, our Optical LAN system delivers six nines of availability, which equals out to 31.5 seconds of downtime per year, with total cost of downtime of only $4,155 per year.


How did we achieve this?


Our Optical LAN is carrier-grade, meaning it was born in the telecom space where 99.999% availability is mandated by law because it supports enhanced 911 services. Tellabs’ equipment is built upon higher grade componentry and requires less equipment and cabling. It is less complex, easier to manage and has less points of failure than copper-based LAN. This is essential for supporting today’s critical services and other real-time modern LAN services and applications.


With high availability, it’s quite simple. The more nines, the better. Click here to learn more about Optical LAN’s superior availability and other benefits.