How Social Media Benefits You And Your Company

At Tellabs, we’ve made great strides to improve our social media presence. Originally active on just LinkedIn and Twitter, we’ve since expanded our scope to include Facebook, Instagram, and Google+, and we’ve also increased the frequency in which we post. This has led to a tremendous uptick in our online presence – through the first six months of 2017, we’ve recorded over 100,000 more impressions (that is, the number of people who saw our posts) and over double the engagements (the number of interactions, such as likes and shares) and clicks (the number of times somebody clicked links in our posts) compared to 2016!


How did we do this? Well, it’s not that difficult!


  1. We began posting content from our website, including blogs and news releases, to social media consistently, promoting it across all of our networks.
  2. If we are at a conference or event, like we recently were at HITEC Toronto, we began posting content designed to relate to the conference, then sharing and promoting it.
  3. We started utilizing the proper hashtags from events – the hashtag used at HITEC Toronto was #HITECtor, for instance. By including relevent hashtags, we allow our content to be seen alongside other posts from that event.
  4. We also began sharing and promoting relevant content created by our partners, or other news related to Optical LAN.
  5. Finally, we almost always include a link and picture in our posts. Links draw people back to our content or our partners’ content, while pictures are proven to exponentially improve engagements.

As a result of these online efforts, Tellabs social media has become a valuable resource for our customers, partners, and the greater industry. Social media has helped broaden awareness of Passive Optical LAN and it has generated sales leads that ultimately will convert into new customers. Social media can be a valuable tool for any business supporting Optical LAN, and we at Tellabs encourage our partners to join in and develop a vibrant Passive Optical LAN ecosystem.


To learn more, there are a ton of resources online to get started or improve your social media performance: here’s a great article from HubSpot on how to create a solid social media strategy.


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