How Tellabs stays ahead of the game to enhance connectivity for commercial real estate

A recent article published in Connected Commercial Real Estate Magazine explains how Tellabs has worked diligently to expand its fiber installation offerings to more industries. What started as a fiber to home solution has grown to a fiber to commercial real estate building solution that includes campuses, federal government buildings, and hotel chains.


Tellabs’ solutions, based on enterprise Passive Optical LAN technology, have made fiber installation more efficient and less messy for commercial real estate owners. Typically when a traditional network that was heavy with copper connectivity was installed, racks and stack of switches would be put in a building’s telecommunications closet—on each floor. Then, building owners were hindered by the limitations on how far the cabling could reach to connect to Ethernet ports. Tellabs solved this issue by placing an Optical Line Terminal (OLT) in a building’s main data center. The passive Optical LAN OLT is meant for installations dealing with limited space in data centers, communications closets and outdoor remote cabinets. Tellabs’ OLTs are equipped with power rectifiers that are integrated with the distribution shelf that make installations go faster. By putting the OLT in place, fiber cable can be run up the building’s risers, and down to where the Ethernet device is, leading to connectivity. There’s no longer a need to open up walls to run cables through.


You can read the entire Connected Commercial Real Estate Magazine article by clicking right here.