Hunter Hotel Conference And Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel Guests Enjoy Tellabs Optical LAN

We’re excited to be at the Hunter Hotel Conference at the fabulous Atlanta Marriott Marquis, where our Tellabs Passive Optical LAN system is working great here for everyone. Let me tell you about it!


Back in January, we published our case study detailing the successful Optical LAN installation at Atlanta Marriott Marquis. The hotel features a stunning cavernous atrium, the largest in the world when it was completed in 1985, that spans the building’s entire height. Naturally, it poses challenges for cabling installation. Copper-based LAN infrastructure would have required large coring holes on every floor; when updates were needed, the loud and disruptive construction process would require the hotel to clear rooms or floors and would greatly inconvenience its guests. Additionally, two telecommunications rooms would have been required on each floor to accommodate the rack-mounted workgroup switches.


Fiber-based Optical LAN provides an innovative solution that is superior to copper-based LAN. Optical LAN requires far smaller coring holes, ensuring minimum disruption for guests, and only needs a single Optical Line Terminal (OLT) on the main data frame. Instead of four to six copper cables in each room, Optical LAN needed only two fiber cables; the Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) are discreetly placed behind a hidden access panel in each room’s entertainment center. Our partner VT Group provided installation services and end-to-end integration of IT engineering.

Thanks to Tellabs, the Atlanta Marriott Marquis now enjoys the benefits of a faster fiber-based network, with this more simple, secure, scalable and stable Passive Optical LAN design. The hotel was even able to save an additional $100,000 because there was no need to build the 22 telecom rooms to house the traditional switches.

Tellabs Optical LAN provides a superior option for hotel renovation as compared to traditional copper-based LAN, and the Atlanta Marriott Marquis is proof. To learn more about Optical LAN, be sure to visit our website, as well as our Atlanta Marriott Marquis case study.