Improve Your Cybersecurity Posture With Passive Optical LAN

WESCO recently wrote a very informative blog titled “Improving Cybersecurity Posture With Passive Optical LAN.”


No one wants to get hacked! This is why CIOs and IT pros need to have a proactive data breach response plan. Passive Optical LAN plays a vital role in providing a more secure LAN where security policies and procedures are implemented consistently, with fewer human errors across a more reliable network.


The WESCO blog details top security benefits for contemporary Optical LAN compared to legacy copper-based LAN, element management security, the optical plant (cabling infrastructure) security, and specifically the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) security, including how to:

  • Reduce Points of Network Vulnerability
  • Ensure IT staff exceed security KPIs
  • Lower cybersecurity insurance premiums
  • Increase IT productivity by focusing security SMEs on security issues

You can read the entire WESCO blog by clicking right here.