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FlexSym Optical Network Terminal 202 (ONT202)

Optical LAN
  • Plenum rated with metal enclosure, integrated fiber management and multiple mounting options
  • Two multi-rate Ethernet ports supporting 10G/5G/2.5G/1G and the other supporting 2.5G/1G/100M
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) 802.3af, 802.3at, 802.3bt (4PPoE), and UPoE with 60W per port capacity
  • Local and remote powering choices are supported with both Phoenix and Molex connectors
  • Uses Tellabs’ industry-leading software-defined global profiles, traffic management, security, provisioning and traffic management mechanisms
  • Industrial temperature and power supply for use in outdoor rated NEMA enclosures

140CL Optical Network Terminal (ONT140CL)

Optical LAN
  • Enterprise grade G-PON ITU-T G.984 implementation
  • Uses Tellabs’ industry-leading software-defined global profiles, traffic management, security, provisioning and traffic management mechanisms
  • Advanced IP and Ethernet Functions
  • Both IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) and high-power PoE+ IEEE 802.3at
  • Flexible mounting above or below the desk, within the raceways of modular cubicle furniture, lockable enclosures, zone boxes in ceilings or raised floors
  • Supports IP-based voice, all forms of enterprise IP-based data traffic and all forms of enterprise IP-based video traffic
  • Supports Dante and CobraNet digital audio systems over IP

FlexSym Singlemode Fiber to Multimode Fiber Modal Adapting Jumper

Optical LAN
  • Supports any length of SMF from the Tellabs OLT through the splitter up to the limit of the 28dB optical budget
  • Allows re-use of multimode fiber cabling from the splitter location to where the ONTs are mounted (all Tellabs ONT models are supported)
  • Economical one-to-one MMF cabling solution without stranding ports on passive optical splitters
  • Eliminates the cost of installing new singlemode fiber in the horizontal pathways and the final access drops
  • Two versions available for SMF SC/APC connector on OLT/splitter side and MMF ST/UPC connector on ONT side in 3-meters length, plus SMF SC/APC connector on OLT/splitter side and MMF LC/UPC connector on ONT side in 3-meters length.
  • Allows full rate PON service over multimode fiber cabling up to 550 meters
  • Qualified for OM1, OM2, and OM3 multimode fiber cable types
  • Completely passive operation, no power or maintenance required

FlexSym Optical Line Terminal One (OLT1)

Optical LAN
  • Up to 512 ONTs (64-way optical split) and up to 4,096 Ethernet port
  • 4-ports gigabit Ethernet and 2-ports 10 gigabit Ethernet network uplink interfaces
  • 1 rack unit, 19” form factor. AC powered with redundant power supplies.
  • 8-port PON service module with XFP selectable 10G XGS-PON or G-PON connectivity
  • Highly secure with bi-directional AES128 encryption with churning keys
  • Leverages centralized intelligence with software defined networking management
  • Environmentally hardened for support of a wide variety of mounting options
  • Small form-factor overlay of existing 3rd-party G-PON installs with Tellabs' 10G XGS-PON

FlexSym Optical Network Terminal 248 (ONT248)

Optical LAN
  • Economical one-to-one closet-based legacy switch replacement
  • Reuse the last 100m CATx cables in the horizontal, walls and drops
  • Achieve lower IT support and maintenance costs
  • Remove points of known network vulnerabilities
  • Reduce fiber cabling building-to-building and floor-to-floor
  • Gain extended temperature range inside IT equipment rooms
  • Support IoT, smart buildings, Wi-Fi, digital ceiling and LED lighting
  • Migrate to deep fiber design or combining with deep fiber

FlexSym XGS-PON Combiner

Optical LAN
  • Optimized interworking with Tellabs Optical LAN equipment inside buildings and across a campus
  • Tellabs FlexSym XGS-PON Combiner mounts in standard LGX enclosure
  • Combines G-PON and 10G XGS-PON wavelengths onto a single fiber enabling G-PON and 10G across same optical infrastructure
  • Provides optimal upstream filtering to eliminate any unwanted wavelengths maximizing efficiency
  • Connected ONTs can be either G-PON, or 10G XGS-PON, and either closet-based, or deep fiber placement
  • Economical overlay of existing 3rd-party G-PON installs with Tellabs FlexSym Series 10G XGS-PON solution
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