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Small 1048 Channel Bank Assembly (CBA)

  • Supports traditional narrowband and modern broadband services
  • Equip with TDM, SONET or Ethernet plug-in cards
  • Capable of 100% xDSL fill rate
  • -48v power rail to all slots
  • Rapid deployment from any existing cabinet
  • Full NMS control integrates existing access networks
  • Alarm contact closure wire-wrap posts
  • Wire-wrap backplane only for complete flexibility on a slot per slot basis
  • On-board craft port with A/B switch for modem interface
  • Variable speed fan tray assembly

10 Gigabit Ethernet 226 (GbE226) – Limited Availability

  • Four 1G Ethernet ports small form-factor pluggable (SFP)
  • Six-Port Ethernet switch/hub with flexible uplink and tributary functionality
  • Port filtering
  • Flow control
  • Configurable Layer-2 learning
  • Spanning Tree forwarding
  • 1526 Byte Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)
  • Two 1G/10G Ethernet ports enhanced small form-factor pluggable (SFP+)
  • Standard SNMP based Ethernet statistics
  • Hardware support for future Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) and IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) timing
  • 6-Port Managed Layer 2-switch with VLAN awareness
  • Flexible configuration of 10G uplinks and 1G aggregation ports
  • SNMP based Ethernet statistics
  • QoS via IEEE 802.1P priority bits
  • IPv4 and IPv6 transparency

ADSL2+ 6+0B Plug-in Card with Bonding

  • Dual memory for minimal service-affecting upgrades
  • Compatible with both CPU-2 and CPU-3
  • High performance provides higher bit rate and broader reach
  • Low power/heat dissipation for increased capacity
  • Supports ADSL2 Reach Extended (RE) option for longer reach
  • Provides ADSL2 power saving states
  • Up to 48 VCCs per card
  • Six integrated ports of ADSL2+ (with bonding capability) and POTS
  • Up to 20 cards per Tellabs 1000 MSAP shelf
  • Unspecified Bit Rate (UBR), Constant Bit Rate (CBR) and Variable Bit Rate Real Time (VBRrt)
  • Receives and responds to F5 Operations and Maintenance (OAM) loopback cells

E&M Special Services (E&M) Plug-in Card

  • End-to-end compatibility with existing cards in the field
  • Two circuits per card, each able to support different provisioning
  • Software-provisionable E&M and PLR modes (2-wire or 4-wire)
  • Provides one or two E&M circuits per card, depending on modes: E&M Type I, II, III, IV, V and PLR I and II
  • Software-provisionable Tandem and DX modes (4-wire only)
  • Provisionable transmit and receive gain
  • Provisionable bias (switched or fixed — DX mode only)
  • Post-equalization
  • 600 ohms and 1200 ohms fixed impedances
  • Normal and reverse DX signaling

52EU 1000-Line Remote Outdoor Cabinet

  • In controlled environments, if the composite clock signal degrades, ETI provides Stratum 3E holdover using historical timing data
  • Provisionable Stratum levels: 3, 3 with 3E holdover, 4, and SONET
  • LET or RST operation (primary shelf)
  • Up to Stratum 3/3E free-run accuracy
  • Jitter and wander reduction of external timing source
  • A second ETI can be installed for standby operation
  • Telcordia compliant design cabinet is expandable from four shelves to eight
  • Fiber splice and distribution options
  • -48 VDC powered cooling fans
  • Separate vented battery compartment and battery back-up options
  • Standard surge protection
  • Copper line protection in separate compartment (non-cross-connect configurations)
  • Hex key lock (padlockable for additional security)
  • Synchronizes to an external composite clock timing source
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