Mini Case Study Series: Optical LAN helps Kraus-Anderson new HQ overcome business challenges encountered in a modern workplace

by | May 10, 2021 | Blog

Optical LAN helps Kraus-Anderson new HQ overcome business challenges encountered with a modern workplace

Kraus-Anderson (K-A) invested in a new 100,000 square foot headquarters to create a state-of-the-art campus that enabled a collaborative work environment, and above all, helped them attract the best employee talent possible. This called for a contemporary smart building design that features expansive interior, with open ceilings, large windows for natural light and collaborative open healthy office architecture and would demand a congruent high-performing, highly secure network, with ubiquitous accessing through both wired or wireless connectivity.

These forward-looking smart and healthy building requirements would prove to be difficult to fulfill. Yet, K-A had an innovative answer to these challenges with a Tellabs Optical LAN (OLAN) design that delivered space savings, along with strict security. Once installed, the OLAN system provided K-A with the following benefits:

  • 85% savings in space in the data center alone
  • 60% reduction in cabling size removed girth, weight, plastics, copper and smoke load
  • Minimized breach risk with fiber optic cabling and Optical LAN
  • Consistent repeatable IT policies and procedures with PON Manager global profiles

The footprint of our main data center is tiny and utilizing the Optical LAN architecture that fit into our smaller data center was optimal. our building has open ceilings and it very nice not to have to see the big blue bundles of copper cable running through all these open ceilings – the Optical LAN only shows a few fiber cables,” said Mike Benz, Kraus-Anderson’s Vice President of Information Technology.

You can click here to read the complete OLAN case study for Kraus-Anderson smart and healthy building titled “Tellabs Optical LAN provides Kraus-Anderson’s new HQ Something Special.”

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Marcia Mark
Marcia Mark
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