Moore’s Law is dying, so now what are you going to do? Best investigate Optical LAN

by | May 4, 2018 | Blog

Moore’s Law states the number of transistors in an integrated circuit double every two years. Moore’s Law doesn’t necessarily apply strictly to transistor count, but it can be applied to technological change, productivity and economic growth. Now there is industry rhetoric that Moore’s Law is either dead or dying, the point being that the rate of progress will reach saturation – even Moore himself predicted this plateau.

Applying Moore’s Law to IT networking infrastructure

IT networking infrastructure has enjoyed innovations while prices have fallen for decades. However, in recent years equipment cost savings have slowed and now we are hearing that industry giant Cisco has been raising their prices on switches, services, support, training and certifications – they’ve even raised prices for their Meraki solutions.

What does this mean for the CIO, IT Director and IT staff?

It means you’re going to need to look beyond your incumbent infrastructure provider for true innovations and real cost savings. Gartner research confirmed this with their case study “Your Incumbent Infrastructure Vendor Is Not Your Partner” and “Recent Cisco Networking Price Increases.”

Time to investigate Passive Optical LAN for true innovation and value!

Passive Optical LAN is a innovative new IT network infrastructure that can provide both day-1 capital, and better yet, day-2 operational savings. OLAN’s operational savings are truly what CIOs, IT Directors and IT staff need to investigate. The centralized management via software-based global profiles, which control and orchestrate the local area network, allow OLAN to be managed with less human touch. Less human touch directly results in better security, reliability and operational efficiencies that can save companies money.

John Hoover

John Hoover

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