Webinar Replay: Optical LAN Tech Talk Webcast Series On-demand

All of our 2020 “Optical LAN Tech Talk” webinar series installments are available for replay at your convenience. These short webcasts are now on-demand and feature interactive dialogue focused on true enterprise Optical LAN’s new software, hardware plus best practices.


Each month through-out 2020, one of our subject matter experts spent a quick 30 minutes discussing important updates relative to new techniques in planning, building and operating modern Optical LANs, such as:


  1. OLAN use for tactical, temporary and transportable networks
  2. OLAN unique differentiators and competitive analysis
  3.  Software Defined Networking and enterprise Optical LAN
  4. What to do in a network outage? Tech support best practices
  5. Alternative Architectures. OLAN designs beyond office space
  6. OLAN integrated with CyberSecure fiber-optic sensor technology
  7. Connecting wireless with OLAN, both Wi-Fi 6 and 5G readiness
  8. How and why OLAN as a Service is best for “Network” as a Service

You can click on the links above to watch all eight (8) monthly Optical LAN Tech Talk series webcasts covering hot OLAN topics for all market verticals.


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