One Solution For Your Security, Availability And Operations Concerns

When we’re discussing Optical LAN with our existing and potential customers, there are three topics we are especially excited about: advanced security, availability and operations.  You may ask yourself, why these?


To start, security, availability and operational efficiencies all made Gartner’s recent list of Top 10 CIO Business and Technology Priorities.  In fact, it is highly probable that CIOs and IT pros have their KPI tied directly to each of these.


On top of that , there are real costs for companies who experience negative events associated with security, LAN availability and operational efficiencies.  For example:


With our advanced software packages, Tellabs Optical LAN significantly improves all of these areas.  First, fiber cabling is inherently more secure than the traditional copper cabling, preventing data loss and breaches.  Second, Optical LAN’s centralized intelligence and management improves operational efficiencies by implementing consistent processes and policies.  Finally, our solution delivers 99.9999% availability, while legacy copper LANs only provide 99.9% due to their complexity and lots of moving parts.


For more, see the following data sheets: