Optical LAN: A Critical Piece Of A Library’s Technological Innovation

When Illinois’ Aurora Public Library first decided to build its new main library, they knew from the get-go their network had to be built around a technology that was both simple and scalable. With digital learning on the rise, they needed a technology backbone that could support its community’s network needs today and in the future.


The only solution that met all of the library’s goals was an Optical LAN network.


Unlike the traditional copper-based LAN, Optical LAN will provide the new Richard and Gina Santori Library with gigabit speeds for its voice, data, video and wireless services – via a single strand of fiber.


The library will also gain a future-proof, simpler infrastructure with efficient, centralized management. Tellabs’ Optical LAN could also enable the Santori Library to serve additional libraries within an 18-mile radius.


Director of the Aurora Public Library, Eva Luckinbill stated, “Tellabs’ Optical LAN technology is instrumental in the continued innovation of the Aurora Public Library system.”


Linda Whitmill, automated services coordinator of the Aurora Public Library, continued, “Optical LAN is not just a more innovative solution, it is an overall smarter choice. It gives us the flexibility to scale and adapt to whatever the educational and informational needs of the community are in the years ahead.”