Optical LAN Gets The Cheer From The Stands

If you’ve been following our blog, you already know how Optical LAN improves college campus networks. From ensuring that the network can handle the skyrocketing bandwidth needs during streaming March Madness games to supporting the large number of connected devices students use, Optical LAN has already transformed campus networks.


But, that’s not where its campus benefits end. Optical LAN is also a perfect fit for campus stadiums, which was the focus of a successful webinar we recently held with IBM and Corning.


Thousands upon thousands of users trying to upload videos of a game-winning touchdown to Instagram all at once is the ultimate network test. Legacy copper-based architectures simply cannot support this traffic efficiently. Furthermore, they rely on separate networks for LAN, Wi-Fi or DAS services, and need to be replaced every few years just to keep pace with the new demands.

Optical LAN is the smarter solution. It enables stadiums to converge all networks onto a single fiber infrastructure, which makes it simpler and easier to manage. Just imagine bringing down the number of communications closets from 70 to 16, while still supporting stadium concessions networks, security cameras, camera feeds and store networks. But, it’s the fiber cabling’s virtually unlimited bandwidth and its ability to improve both Wi-Fi and DAS that take the fan experience to a whole new level.


Deploying Optical LAN in college stadiums is the natural extension of this technology. To learn more, watch the recording of last week’s webinar here.