Optical LAN Improves The Guest Experience With Fiber Connectivity At Atlanta Marriott Marquis

Today, Tellabs distributed a national press release and published a case study showcasing our Passive Optical LAN deployment at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. This Optical LAN (OLAN) implementation at this iconic downtown hotel is truly spectacular as the Atlanta Marriott Marquis installation overcame building challenges with an innovative solution that not only improves the hotel guest experience, but also saves money.


The building challenges came in the form of the hotel’s large cavernous atrium that spans the entire height of the building.  The atrium and the building’s concrete construction created challenges for the cabling vertical risers, horizontal pathways and telecom rooms. However, with the OLAN architecture, floor-to-floor core drilling was reduced which resulted in minimal hotel guest disruption. Since traditional copper-based LAN would have required two new telecom rooms built on each floor (complete with steel doors, security, powering, power backup, fire/safety and HVAC to accommodate all Ethernet switches) additional benefits were realized, since the OLAN design eliminated 22 telecom rooms which reduced the project costs by over $100,000.


Guest experience improvements are gained from the high-performance, fiber-based wireless network. It’s the OLAN system that provides the wireless backhaul transport of the Wi-Fi traffic, and it’s the Optical Network Terminals that provide the Power over Ethernet that power the wireless access points. Furthermore, the OLAN design enables greater gigabit connections, reach and density for improved performance, extending coverage for hotel guests accessing the Wi-Fi service across the expansive property.


We would also like to recognize, and thank, the VT Group team for their outstanding contributions to this Passive Optical LAN project. It was the VT Group that provided end-to-end integration of the IT engineering and installation services for the Atlanta Marriott Marquis.


If you would like to acquire additional details about this Optical LAN installation, you can read our Atlanta Marriott Marquis Case Study that we just published and read our nationally distributed Tellabs, Marriott, VT Group and Atlanta Marriott Marquis news release.