Tellabs Advantage Channel Partner Program
The Tellabs Advantage Channel Partner Program is designed to offer our partners unique opportunities for gaining differentiators while growing your business. For our end-customers, our Advantage Channel Partners offer best-in-breed services that match specific vertical markets and geographical regions with the end-customers exact needs in mind.

Strategic Business Focus
Noovis is a Fiber Optic and Wireless integrator that provides Turnkey Solutions for various clients. We serve government and commercial clients alike and focus on state of the art technologies. We view POL as a strategic offering for those clients that are looking to upgrade their broadband experience for their facility, campus and metro area network. Our past performance and experiences enables Noovis to be one of the premiere POL integrators in the marketplace. And the fact that we are partnered with the Leaders in POL – Tellabs – assists us and our clients in delivering the Ultimate Broadband Experience.

Included Highlights
Vertical Market Specialization
Hospitality (includes gaming, sports arenas, and large public venues)
Federal Government
Local Government
Senior Living
K-12 Education (Primary and Secondary)
Higher Education (Colleges and Universities)
USA Regions of Operations
East Coast USA
Central USA
West Coast USA
Tellabs Partner Duration
Less Than 5 Years
Country of Operations
Number of Tellabs Deployments
Federal Government Contracts

CIOSP3, Seaport-E

Clearance Classifications

Secret, Full Scope

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