Powering Innovations For Passive Optical LAN Will Be Featured At CEPTA 2016

Remote DC powering innovations for Passive Optical LAN will be featured at the 2016 CETPA K-20 Technologist Conference this week thanks to Alpha Technologies and Tellabs.


Over recent years both Alpha Technologies and Tellabs have contributed significant powering innovations for the Passive Optical LAN industry that have resulted in more elegant remote 48V DC powering solutions for the ONTs that are faster to install, more secure in a classroom environment and have better aesthetics.


Case in point for Tellabs is the secure in-wall mounted ONT140W – it now offers a separate back-box that enables remote DC power termination for fast and easy installation. As this ONT140W installation video shows, the separate back-box can be installed and wired early in a project in advance of installing the ONT140W electronics module and faceplate. By powering the ONT140W with remote 48V DC power, the net benefit realized by our customer is a safe, secure and more visually pleasing installation.


On the Alpha Technologies side of the equation, their remote power solution reduces the building space impact, improves network reliability, simplifies the installation, streamlines on-going maintenance and lowers the total cost of ownership for the customer. The key benefit is that this NEC Class 2 remote DC power solution allows the customer to consolidate the power source and battery backup in a central location. This is the same remote DC powering system installed at Santa Fe Public Schools that provides their IT staff with a safe and secure powering solution that is easier to install, maintain and costs less.


You can read more about the Santa Fe Public Schools successes in this case study.