Powering Learning at Ryerson University’s Largest Residences

BIoT Canada (The intelligent building infrastructure magazine) published an article penned by David Lester RCDD (Ryerson University, Manager of Communication Infrastructure) titled “Powering Learning at Ryerson University’s Largest Residences” that covers the two Optical LAN solutions that provide students, teachers and faculty high-speed connectivity and untethered mobility via Wi-Fi.


The write-up details two different types of OLAN installations. First, there is the OLAN installment at Pittman Hall (14-floor residence hall, built 1991, with 565 rooms) which was a brownfield renovation. Second, there the recent greenfield deployment of OLAN at the new Daphne Cockwell Complex (18-floor residence hall, plus mixed-use university resources including classrooms, building finished in 2019).


What is exceedingly interesting about this article is reading how Ryerson University utilized Optical LAN’s unique characteristics to overcome building challenges for both brownfield renovations (Pittman Hall) and new greenfield construction (Daphne Cockwell Complex).


You can access the complete article from BIoT Canada magazine by clicking right here.