1150E 19-inch Fan Tray
The Tellabs 1150E 19-inch Fan Tray is a compact 1RU forced air cooling module capable of moving 1100 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) of air flow. It is recommended that two (2) fan trays are installed per Tellabs 1150E. One fan tray can be mounted above, and one below, the Tellabs 1150E with minimum 0.75- inch air space clearance.

Features and Benefits

  • The fan tray air flow discharges vertically
  • Integrated fan tray alarm contacts are used to monitor fan health
  • Test switch is easily accessible on front faceplate
  • Capable of moving 1100 CFM of air flow

Included Highlights

Easy Installation

The 1150E 19-inch Fan Tray has a 14-pin Molex connector socket, two LED indicators, and a membrane push-button switch on the front panel. The connector on the Fan Tray front panel is the input for –48-VDC power and the alarm output should fan fail.

Optimal Performance

The Fan Tray can circulate 1100 CFM of air flow. The Fan Tray air flow discharges vertically. A third Fan Tray is not necessary, when two (2) Tellabs 1150s are installed, since two (2) Fan Trays provide sufficient cooling.

Temperature and Fan Control

The internal controller board adjusts the speed of the fans based on the ambient air temperature flowing into the fan intakes and sends an alarm signal to the Tellabs 1150E if a fan should fail.

Status and Alarm LED indicators

The 19-inch Fan Tray has status LED indicator on the front panel lights solid green when the Fan Tray is operating normally. The Alarm LED indicator on the front panel lights solid red when the Fan Tray is in an alarm condition. The Test push-button on the front panel runs a self-test on the Fan Tray when pressed and released.


  • Mounting: 19" or 23" rack options
  • Power connector: 14-pin Molex connector socket
  • Alarming: Alarm and Status LED indicators on the front panel
Software Support
  • Minimum base software SR25 and higher
  • Tellabs Panorama PON Manager
  • Department of Defense Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC)
  • GR-1089 Issue 3
  • GR-909-CORE Issue 2
  • GR-487 Issue 2
  • GR-418-CORE Issue 2
  • GR-295-CORE Issue 1
  • GR-78-CORE Issue 1
  • GR-63 Issue 2
  • SR-3580 Issue 1
  • ANSI 319
  • NEC 2002
  • UL 60950
  • FCC Part 15 Class A
  • NEBS Level 3 compliant
  • Fan Performance: 1100CFM with vertical discharge.
  • Temperature: -40F/-40C to +158°F/+70°C
  • Humidity: 5% to 95% relative humidity
  • Altitude: -200ft/-61m to +10,000ft/+3 km
  • Fan Requirements: Two fans are recommended.
  • Supply voltage: –48 VDC
  • Supply current maximum: 2 Amps
  • Power consumption maximum: 128 Watts
  • Power consumption idle: 60 Watts
  • Weight: 12 lbs (5.4 kg)
  • Depth: 11.3 in (28.7 cm)
  • Width: 19 in (48.2 cm)
  • Height: 1.7 in (4.3 cm) 1 RU
  • The development, release, and timing of features or functionality described for Tellabs’ products remains at Tellabs’ sole discretion. The information that is provided within this data sheet is not a commitment nor legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality.
Product Specifications Sheet

1150E 19-inch Fan Tray
Product Specifications
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