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From entertainment and telecom in the home to patient information in healthcare, from financial data to homeland security; fast and secure access has never been in more demand. Tellabs' sole focus is to deliver secure, scalable, sustainable access to optimize network performance.

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Tellabs Optical LAN delivers a network that is faster, more efficient, sustainable, cost effective, scalable and adaptable to future requirements than traditional copper-based infrastructure. Optical LANs eliminate the distance constraints, power requirements and heat dispersion issues of copper. They deliver increased network security, performance and operational efficiency. There is no doubt: Optical LAN is the future of enterprise access networks.
Tellabs Broadband provides an end-to-end cost-effective access solution that passes more than 5 million homes in North America. Our Multi-Service Access Platform (MSAP) enable you to get the most from your existing infrastructure. You'll save costs by reducing power consumption while gaining revenue opportunities by delivering services faster. Tellabs T1000 - the industry’s only Broadband Digital Loop Carrier platform that converges legacy copper and modern fiber connectivity.
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FlexSym Singlemode Fiber to Multimode Fiber Modal Adapting Jumper

Optical LAN
  • Supports any length of SMF from the Tellabs OLT through the splitter up to the limit of the 28dB optical budget
  • Allows re-use of multimode fiber cabling from the splitter location to where the ONTs are mounted (all Tellabs ONT models are supported)
  • Economical one-to-one MMF cabling solution without stranding ports on passive optical splitters
  • Eliminates the cost of installing new singlemode fiber in the horizontal pathways and the final access drops
  • Two versions available for SMF SC/APC connector on OLT/splitter side and MMF ST/UPC connector on ONT side in 3-meters length, plus SMF SC/APC connector on OLT/splitter side and MMF LC/UPC connector on ONT side in 3-meters length.
  • Allows full rate PON service over multimode fiber cabling up to 550 meters
  • Qualified for OM1, OM2, and OM3 multimode fiber cable types
  • Completely passive operation, no power or maintenance required

FlexSym XGS-PON Combiner

Optical LAN
  • Optimized interworking with Tellabs Optical LAN equipment inside buildings and across a campus
  • Tellabs FlexSym XGS-PON Combiner mounts in standard LGX enclosure
  • Combines G-PON and 10G XGS-PON wavelengths onto a single fiber enabling G-PON and 10G across same optical infrastructure
  • Provides optimal upstream filtering to eliminate any unwanted wavelengths maximizing efficiency
  • Connected ONTs can be either G-PON, or 10G XGS-PON, and either closet-based, or deep fiber placement
  • Economical overlay of existing 3rd-party G-PON installs with Tellabs FlexSym Series 10G XGS-PON solution
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