Express 1134 Bundle for Hospitality
Owning and operating a modern, reliable and secure fiber-based IT network infrastructure just got easier for the smaller resource constrained locations that still demand contemporary IT technologies with graceful path forward for future demands. The Tellabs 1134 Express bundle is a compact Passive Optical LAN (OLAN) solution focused on helping smaller facilities balance IT staff, budget, and technology constraints, with a simple, yet scalable, true enterprise modern IT solution. Just as important, the OLAN architecture provides the most cost-effective path forward to future IT demands of greater connection densities and speeds while retaining the security and lower operational cost benefits of OLAN.

Features and Benefits

  • Rapid turn-up and easy straight-forward operations with the OLT1134
  • Direct fiber access satisfying the most common and compact enterprise LANs
  • Perfect for smaller size and less complex projects
  • Supports fundamental Ethernet and G-PON functionality
  • Choose either 50, 100, 125, or 200 quantities of ONTs
  • Pick between ONT140C, ONT140W and ONT142R bundles
  • Options include local power adapters, or not, depending if remote power is used

Included Highlights


Industry leading ROI and TCO are enjoyed with lower day-1 capital costs and year-over-year operational costs.


Tellabs 1134 Express starts with one price, and one orderable part number that includes OLT, ONTs and OLAN base software


As the network grows add another Tellabs 1134 Express, or add more ONT140C, or add more ONT142R, or add more ONT140W,or add Tellabs Advanced Availability Software Package, Tellabs Advanced Operations Software Package and Tellabs Advanced Security Software Package as needed.


Ordering Information
  • Tellabs Express 1134 OLT, (2) GbE Uplinks, (125) 140C, Software: 81.EXP1134-140C-125
  • Tellabs Express 1134 OLT, (2) GbE Uplinks, (200) 140C, Software: 81.EXP1134-140C-200
  • Tellabs Express 1134 OLT, (2) GbE Uplinks, (125) 140W, Software: 81.EXP1134-140W-125
  • Tellabs Express 1134 OLT, (2) GbE Uplinks, (200) 140W, Software: 81.EXP1134-140W-200
  • Tellabs Express 1134 OLT, (2) GbE Uplinks, (125) 142R, Software: 81.EXP1134-142R-125
  • Tellabs Express 1134 OLT, (2) GbE Uplinks, (200) 142R, Software: 81.EXP1134-142R-200
Software Support
  • Minimum base software SR29 and higher
  • The development, release, and timing of features or functionality described for Tellabs’ products remains at Tellabs’ sole discretion. The information that is provided within this data sheet is not a commitment nor legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality.
Product Specifications Sheet

Express 1134 Bundle for Hospitality
Product Specifications
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