RST Integrated Services Digital Network (R-ISDN)
The RST Integrated Services Digital Network (R-ISDN) plug-in card provides six ISDN circuits. The R-ISDN plug-in card recreates the physical 2B+D format for relay to the customer from the L-ISDN plug-in card, T1, or GR-303. It uses mixed analog and digital signal processing circuit technology and provides in-band loopbacks as described in TR-397.

Features and Benefits

  • Three (3) DS0 TDM
  • BER measurement with 2 thresholds
  • Supports 2B+D, B1+D, B1, and B1+B2 configurations
  • In-band loopbacks as described in TR-397
  • Responds to ANSI EOC messages
  • Provides six, 2-wire DDS circuits
  • Can provide system timing
  • Six (6) ISDN circuits per card

Included Highlights

Flexible Functionality

The R-ISDN card uses 2B1Q (2 binary 1 quaternary) line coding for full-duplex transmission at 144-kbps data rate. The transmission format delivers 12 kbps for synchronization, 144 kbps for 2B+D customer data, and 4 kbps for overhead. The customer data is divided into two 64-kbps “B” channels and one 16-kbps “D” channel.

Many Uses

The R-ISDN plug-in card provides approximately 17 mA of pulsed sealing current to the outdoor cable plant to prevent corrosion. It supports 3-DS0 TDM and has built-in BER measurement. The R-ISDN plug-in card uses ANSI T1.601 loop specifications and has an approximate working range of 18,000 feet (5 km) over #24 gauge cable.

LED Indicators

The R-ISDN channel unit has three LED indicators on the faceplate. A green ACTV LED indicates the plug-in card is busy. A steady red FAIL LED indicates that the plug-in card has failed, and a fl ashing red FAIL LED indicates illegal signaling. An amber LOOP LED indicates the plug-in card is in loopback.

Digital Data Service

The third-generation R-ISDN card (0110-0246) provides the Zero Byte Substitution option, allowing the system to carry ISDN DS0s over a groomed T1 using AMI line coding. You can deploy the third-generation R-ISDN card as a 2-wire Digital Data Service (2w DDS application). When deployed in a 2w DDS application, the R-ISDN card can emulate the 2B1Q Integrated Digital Subscriber Line (IDSL) signal. In the DDS mode, it supports the Zero Code Suppression (ZCS) and DDS latching loopback commands to maintain the DDS network.


Analog Parameters
  • Equalization Transmit: 12.5 dB (2.5 Vpk)
  • Input impedance: 135 Ω ± 5%
  • Equalization Receive: x < 40 dB attenuation
  • Sealing current termination: 20 mA ± 3 mA
  • Supported in Tellabs 1000 MSAP CBA1120 and CBA1048
Software Support
  • Minimum base software FP16 and higher
  • Tellabs Panorama Element Management System (EMS)
  • Craft User Interface (CUI)
Faceplate LED Indicators
  • FAIL Red: Plug-in card failure, or card unable to communicate with the CPU
  • FAIL Flashing Red: Illegal signaling detected
  • ACTV Green: At least one circuit is active (busy) or supporting testing
  • LPBK Amber: A loopback is in progress
  • Line coding: 2B1Q
  • Loopback modes: Equipment, Facility and DDS Latching
  • Data rate (throughput): 144 kbps
  • TR-NWT-000393
  • TR-NWT-000397
  • Operating temperature: -40 F / -40 C to +149 F / +65 C
  • Humidity (relative): 5 to 95% non-condensing
  • Typical power consumption: 8.7 W
  • Six (6) ISDN circuits per card
  • Height: 5.125 inches (13.018 cm)
  • Width: 0.563 inch (1.429 cm)
  • Depth: 10.5 inches (26.67 cm)
  • Weight: 0.5 pound (0.23 kg)
Product Specifications Sheet

RST Integrated Services Digital Network (R-ISDN)
Product Specifications
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