Internet Protocol Management Interface (IPMI-3)
Internet Protocol Management Interface (IPMI-3) plug-in card provides secure, remote access to the Tellabs 1000 MSAP and supports in-band or out-of-band management. Installing the IPMI-3 card connects you to the Craft User Interface (CUI) via Telnet sessions or an IPMI-3 card also enables remote access with Tellabs Panorama EMS. With a simple point-and-click GUI, the Panorama EMS enables human-to-machine interfaces and TL1 is utilized for machine-to-machine operation.

Features and Benefits

  • Ability to host an SNMP agent
  • Telnet connection to Tellabs 1000 MSAP series Craft Interface
  • Enables AccessManager, Tellabs NMS
  • Single-user NMS
  • Conforms to MIB standards
  • Supports TL1 over TCP/IP

Included Highlights

Remote access to your CUI

You get the same view you would have if you were physically connected to the equipment at the equipment’s location. The IPMI-3 allows in-house monitoring and can significantly reduce the amount of resources expended for trips to customer sites for every alarm and upgrade. Quick access to alarms speeds up identification, isolation and resolution.

Remote access for Utility Package

You can upgrade to the latest software by system or slot. You can remotely perform database backups, scheduled or on-demand, and database restores, reducing the need for modems and on-site visits. Readily available backup information allows for quicker resolution in any crisis. Maintenance from offsite adds a layer of security.

EMS and NMS Functions

Using an IPMI-3 card also enables remote access with Tellabs Panorama EMS. With a simple point-and-click GUI, the Panorama EMS enables human-tomachine interfaces and TL1 is utilized for machine-to-machine operations. The Tellabs NMS supports Fault, Configuration, Performance and Security (FCAPS) management for the Tellabs 1000 MSAP series. TR-08, GR-303 and V.5x provisioning is easy, enabling quick deployments and accelerating time-to-revenue.


  • Height: 5.125 in (13.018 cm)
  • Width: 0.563 in (1.429 cm)
  • Depth: 10.5 in (26.67 cm)
  • Weight: 0.5 lb (0.23 kg)
  • In-band IP/ATM
  • Out-of-band Ethernet RJ-45
Power Consumption
  • Maximum power consumption: 2.5 W
  • Typical power consumption:
  • Temperature: -40° to +149° F (-40° to +65° C)
  • Relative Humidity: 5–95% noncondensing
  • Altitude: Up to 10,000 feet
LED Indicators
  • FAIL (red)
  • ACTV (green)
  • SYNC (green)
  • Ethernet (green)
  • Craft User Interface (CUI)
  • Tellabs Panorama Element Management System (EMS)
Software Support
  • Minimum base software FP16 and higher
  • Supported in Tellabs 1000 CBA
Ordering Information
  • IPMI-3: 0101-0043
Product Specifications Sheet

Internet Protocol Management Interface (IPMI-3)
Product Specifications
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