Panorama™ PON Manager
Tellabs Optical LAN provides software-defined resources that are dynamically allocated based on real-time requirements. The word “resources” is meant to capture all LAN services, bandwidth, traffic management, Quality of Service (QoS), authentication, authorization and powered device (PD) management. This omnipresence is possible because fundamentally Optical LAN’s system wide intelligence is centralized in the OLT and the associated Optical LAN element management system. Tellabs Panorama PON Manager is the cornerstone of an Optical LAN end-to-end system. It provides the centralized intelligence and element management across the entire LAN, from OLT to ONTs and extends to subtended PDs.

Features and Benefits

  • Global profiles allow global policies to be software-defined and dynamically allocated based on real-time needs
  • Discovery and end-to-end network views for quick actions.
  • Automation to speed provisioning and moves, adds and changes.
  • Consistency that eliminates error and LAN downtime.
  • Portability across buildings, campus and all managed LANs.
  • Run the PON Manager in a virtualized Window environment on a single computer via a VMware ESX solutions suite

Included Highlights


Define strict security policies to block malicious activities; controlled access on a per user and per device basis. Implement the defined security policies across all managed LANs for maximum process consistency.


Automation is provided through software-defined resources that are dynamically allocated based on real-time requirements. This allows for faster installation, operational tasks and daily moves, adds and changes.


Discovery mechanisms and quick views of the total LAN system, ONTs, subtended devices, services, users, bandwidth, QoS and security policies allow IT to be more efficient, do more with less and handle IT skill set and head count reductions.


Centralized intelligence and management reduces human error/misuse by promoting machine-to-machine and process consistency. Policy consistency is achieved through global profiles that are distributed to all locations. Employee training is improved via set privileges, capture of actions and online help.


Scale with confidence by creating templates/wizards/profiles that can be distributed locally, regionally and internationally.


  • The Windows operating systems versions are more likely to be deployed by medium-to-small enterprises. The Windows-based OS options can be deployed in larger LANs with an Oracle database (purchased separately) or in smaller LANs with an integrated freeware database. It too can scale from 1 to 10 OLTs and from 1 to 250 user sessions, but its virtualized Windows via VMware and Web browser options make it ideal for the smaller, nimble Enterprise IT staff. Tellabs will not support Solaris OS starting in SR30.0.
Virtual Windows
  • This is an option to run the PON Manager in a virtualized Window environment on a single computer via a VMware ESX solutions suite. This allows enterprises to leverage their hardware capital costs over multiple applications and reduce the number of hardware platforms and associated operational costs.
Web Browser Windows
  • This option operates within a Windows environment and can be accessed via desktop, laptop or tablet machines. It is a subset of a fully functioning OLAN element management system. It is meant to streamline daily operations of diagnostics, performance and monitoring, and speed moves, adds and changes. The Web browser PON Manager provides advance search, service management and troubleshooting functions.
Main Menu Bar
  • From the PON Manager Main Menu Bar, you can access resources in the File, Edit, View, Tools and Help pull-down menus. For example, in the Tool pull-down menu, you will find the option for building templates that allow you to save uniformed attributes and rules to be applied later. Finally, within the Help options, you can access technical documentation that can help expedite senior IT staff troubleshooting or assist with junior IT staff training.
Tool Bar
  • By navigating through the Tool Bar, you can Log on/off, access the User Manager, add OLT system into Panorama PON Manager, use find/search function, access Profiles, sync/filter alarms, create PON protection groups and configure voice gateway. Of interest in the User Manager is the ability to create and edit the roles and privileges based on corporate security policies. Within the Profiles options you can capture consistent configurations for equipment, Ethernet ports, services, connections and alarms. In the PON Protection section, you can create Type-B PON protection configurations for optical distribution network redundancy between ports or PON service modules or geographically dispersed OLTs.
Ports Application
  • The ports application is used to assign uniformed profiles to ONTs. This is where consistent information for PoE, RSTP, IGMP, and NAC, PAE and LLDP is captured. It’s also where you can enable and disable ports.
LAGs Application
  • This application allows you to quickly view and manage the 1 GbE and 10 GbE uplink interfaces. The LAGs application optimized display lay-out of uplink interfaces properties reduces clicks and speeds operations.
Equipment Application
  • The equipment application offers a complete view of the entire network on one screen. Drill-down capabilities also allow an alarm to be followed from an icon at system level all the way to card specifics for quick problem identification and resolution.
Switch Application
  • This application offers fast access to Layer-2 MAC forwarding database and access to advanced LAN properties. This is where visibility is gained to the sub-tended connected devices, such as WAPs, VoIP handsets and IP cameras.
Download Application
  • Upgrading to a new software release or to roll back to a prior software release can be ccomplished from the downloads application.
Alarms Application
  • For real-time views of alarms, you can launch the alarm application for 4-color view in the applications window. This provides visibility across the entire end-to-end LAN for quick diagnostics and troubleshooting of alarms. It also provides alarm history and alarm filters (e.g. date, cause and severity).
Events Application
  • For real-time views of events, you would launch the events application for 4-color view in the applications window. This provides visibility across the entire end-to-end LAN for quick diagnostics and troubleshooting of events.
Backup Application
  • Setting up automatic backups application is an easy process with the configurator tool. Simply pick the time and the frequency, and the system establishes backups based on those parameters. Backups can be scheduled daily or weekly, and day/time/systems are all definable.
Inventory Application
  • The inventory application gives you a quick view of all your Optical LAN equipment, service modules, Ethernet switch units and ONTs. Once launched into the application view window, you can sort by serial numbers, feature package versions or any of the columns of information.
Reports Application
  • The reports application provides the ability to generate and automate through scheduling a wide variety of reports using either standard templates or customized formats. Reports can be created covering equipment inventory, Ethernet properties and Ethernet status on a per OLT basis.
  • User-defined security privileges
  • Security audits
  • SNMPv2/v3 at network element
  • Secure downloads
  • Role-based administration
  • IPv6 for NMS-to-EMS communication
  • IPSEC for NMS-to-EMS communication
  • IPSEC for EMS client to EMS server communication
Northbound Protocols
  • TL1
  • Please contact your Tellabs representative, or email, to acquire a copy of the Windows Operating System Software and Server Hardware Guidelines, VMware Virtual Machine Guidelines and Solaris Operating System Software and Server Hardware Guidelines (Solaris support is discontinued for software release SR30.0 and above).
Ordering Information
  • Solaris or Windows-based hardware is not sold through Tellabs and should be purchased separately. If Oracle database software is desired, their software license and support should be acquired directly from Oracle.
  • Tellabs Panorama PON Manager base license and base software comes with the purchase of Tellabs Optical LAN Base Software (e.g. SR30) along with the OLT base license, base software and a set of documentation. Additional Panorama PON Manager functionality is gained with the purchase of Tellabs Advanced Availability, Tellabs Advanced Operations and Tellabs Advanced Security Software Packages.
  • The development, release, and timing of features or functionality described for Tellabs’ products remains at Tellabs’ sole discretion. The information that is provided within this data sheet is not a commitment nor legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality.
Product Specifications Sheet

Panorama™ PON Manager
Product Specifications
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