Tellabs Remote Broadband Cabinet 36 (Tellabs RBC36)
The Tellabs Remote Broadband Cabinet 36 (RBC36) is an environmentally controlled enclosure supporting Tellabs 1000 Channel Bank Assemblies (CBAs) with fan shelves, protector panels, charger/rectifier, and batteries. The RBC36 is optimized for full-shelf (132-Lines) and half-shelf (48-Lines) configurations. The RBC36 enables service providers to cost-effectively extend high densities of broadband services positioned in outside plant cabinets.

Features and Benefits

  • Up to 132 lines (3 x 50-pair protector blocks)
  • Install an RBC36 cabinet onto a pole, H-frame, concrete pad or steel structure.
  • Extreme corrosion resistant
  • Designed and tested for superior environmental protection and thermal management
  • Long equipment and battery life, plus large battery reserve
  • Minimal acoustic signature and power consumption

Included Highlights

Extend Connectivity

The Tellabs RBC36 is an outside plant enclosure supporting Tellabs™ 1000 Multiservice Access (MSAP) Channel Bank Assemblies (CBA) with fan shelves, protector panels, charge/rectifier and batteries. The RBC36 enables service providers to cost-effectively deploy high densities of broadband services, such as ADSL and VDSL.

Optimize Thermals

The Tellabs RBC36 incorporates the latest environmentally controlled design technology to meet broadband demands for hardened outside plant cabinets. It has been tested to GR-487 CORE and has a documented level of performance with respect to noise level, salt fog, transportation, dust and water intrusion.

Converge Services

Like all Tellabs cabinets, the Tellabs RBC36 supports POTS, ISDN, special services, T-1, xDSL and fiber. The cabinet can be deployed in any network topology (point-to-point, star, tree), including integrated (GR-303, TR-08) and universal configurations (TR-57).

Easy Access

The Tellabs RBC36 front, rear and side doors are equipped with key locks and padlock tabs. With a total capacity of 132-lines, the RBC36 is designed for both POTS or broadband installations requiring optimal ADSL service card capacity.


  • Mounting: pole, H-frame, concrete pad or steel structure
  • Hi-Performance HX Door
  • Variable Speed Fans
  • Over Temperature thermistor
  • Battery heater
  • 8 position AC Load Center
  • Meter base UHT-RS101B-SQD
  • Generator Inlet HBLE715 (30A, 125/250 VAC, L14-30P)
  • Surge protection unit Raycap AC2080M-01
  • Eltek Flat Pack Shelf and Controller FPSF65I-ANS-VC and SPS-FPS100-A01-VV
  • Battery temperature probe
  • Rectifier modules Flat Pack HE Rectifier 48V/2000W can be order separately
Battery Compartment
  • Battery Compartment for 1-string of VRLA Saft batteries
  • Battery heater
  • Type of VRLA batteries NorthStar NSB 92 FT Red, Enersys SBS C11F and SBS 60
  • Up to 20-pair of alarm terminations
  • Fuse-Alarm panel with over temperature thermistor
  • FCC Compliant
  • Telcordia GR-487-CORE, Issue 3
  • Height: 37.7 in
  • Width: 25.3 in (30.8 in factoring AC load, meter, surge and gen)
  • Depth: 31.2 in
  • Weight: 155 lb (without batteries or plug-in cards)
Product Specifications Sheet

Tellabs Remote Broadband Cabinet 36 (Tellabs RBC36)
Product Specifications
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