Remote Powering ONTs Improves Their Appearance, Security, Location And Operational Efficiencies

In an earlier blog, I wrote about the 6 reasons remote powering ONTs is preferred and how our skilled integration partners are delivering more elegant remote powering solutions to meet customer desires.


To give you some greater insight into this trend, I’ll expand a little more on three (3) of the key drivers behind remote powering advancements:


  • More visually appealing and more secure – There is no doubt that the remote powering has made the Tellabs 140W in-wall ONT a welcomed addition to the Tellabs ONT portfolio. The ONT140W offers a modular 3-piece design with a separate back-box (with remote DC power termination and fiber cable slack storage), ONT electronics (with fiber termination) and a paintable/changeable faceplate. This is all made possible with the advancements of remote powering.

ONT140W Breakout and install.jpg

  • Centralized equipment and centralized management – A fundamental benefit for Optical LAN is its centralized equipment and centralized management, which results in operational efficiencies. By designing centralized low voltage 48 V distribution plant, the IT staff can gain matching operational efficiencies. This comes from locating the AC-DC rectifier, batteries, monitoring, maintenance and troubleshoot activities – all in a common location.
  • Greater distance leads to better ONT placements – Another inherent advantage of OLAN is that the ONTs are connected by way of a passive optical network where no powering, thermals or human touch is required for 12 or more miles. Historically, it was the powering needs of the ONTs and other sub-tended powered devices that locked down the ultimate their position in the network. Centralized bulk DC power distributions helps break those barriers and now digital power scenarios will untether these network end-points to an even greater degree.

To get more information about powering options with one of our knowledgeable integrations partner, you can visit our “Find a Partner” website resource to locate a qualified partner.


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