Stronger Security, Increase Operational Efficiencies and New ONTs are all part of Generally Available Tellabs Optical LAN SR30.1

I am pleased to announce that Tellabs Optical LAN SR30.1 has successfully achieved the status of Generally Available and is currently shipping in volume. Generally Available, or GA, indicates that the solutions have been lab tested, field proven, and are now available to all customers without restriction.


The following feature enhancements are included in this release and are shown in the What’s New section (a new feature) in the Tellabs Panorama PON Manager Help Menu:


Tellabs Optical LAN SR30.1 new system features:

  • Dynamic ARP Inspection – Dynamic ARP inspection provides protection from ARP Spoofing attacks and helps to ensure that the proper MAC / IP binding is maintained in the ARP tables. Dynamic ARP inspection ensures that all of the ARP requests and responses are inspected to ensure they agree with the bindings given by DHCP or an ACL associated with the port.
  • MAC search in the Switching view – MAC address search of an end device can be accomplished by using the Forwarding database tab in the Switching view. User can specify the UNI, the MAC address pattern, and the VLAN when conducting this search. Searching of VoIP stack MAC address on an ONT142R is also supported.
  • Increased VLAN support – Up to 80 VLANs can now be supported on a per OLT slot.
  • ONT sysuptime support – ONT sysuptime network monitoring tool is now supported for these selected ONTs: ONT140, ONT142R, ONT100S and ONT180C.
  • ONT131W – The outdoor Tellabs ONT131W is equipped with three (3) 10/100/1000 RJ-45 Ethernet support and one (1) RJ-11 analog voice POTS. It too supports all the advanced IP and Ethernet functionality of the Tellabs OLAN true enterprise software, including plug-n-play of ONT plus subtended devices, and also supports:
    • Industrial temperature ratings for ubiquitous indoor and outdoor connectivity
    • Plenum rated for mounting in air handling spaces inside buildings
    • Power over Ethernet, both PoE and PoE+ enabled on two (2) ports.
  • ONT180C – The high-density indoor Tellabs ONT180C provides eight (8) 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces in a sleek form factor. It is built leveraging all of the advanced IP and Ethernet functionality of the Tellabs OLAN true enterprise solution, including plug-n-play for more reliable, secure and efficient operations. Other key features of this ONT include:
    • Eight (8) ports of PoE, PoE+ and/or 4PPoE Power over Ethernet
    • Supports Dante and CobraNet digital audio systems over IP
    • Mounts in furniture, on wall, under desk, free-standing or with optional plenum bracket


Tellabs Panorama PON Manager new features:

  • EMS Scheduler for OLT backup, EMS DB backup, OLT S/W download – Forget about the cumbersome procedure to set up a schedule task in Windows, EMS now offers a nice and easy way to set up a schedule to perform any of these three things: OLT backup, EMS database backup, and OLT software download
  • Enhanced search function – The search function has been elevated to the toolbar that makes it easier to get to. The search categories have also been streamlined to make it easier to do a search.
  • New ONT report that includes many ONT status data items – A new ONT status report is now available. It contains many of the status data (wherever applicable) related to ONT, RF video, PoE, power management, etc.
  • Alarm notifications via Email – EMS GUI now offers a screen where the user can configure how alarm notifications will be delivered via email. It is available via the Edit menu.
  • Enhanced EMS user security model that allows different setting for different user roles – The newly designed security model is profile-based and allow maximum flexibility to set up security policy per user role or even per individual user.
  • Customizable font and other GUI components – EMS now supports a range of common and mono-spaced fonts.
  • Bulk configuration tools – The bulk configuration tools for ONT, UNI, and voice line now can be executed from the Tools->Bulk Configuration menu. These tools provide an efficient way to assign user labels to a large set of ONT or UNI, as well as making configuration changes to voice lines.
  • Diagnostic report enhancement – When collecting diagnostic information from OLT, it is now possible to enhance the process by specifying: which ESU or slot to get the data from, what categories of command should be executed and In addition to collect all the log files from given equipment
  • Windows Server 2012 Support – The SR30.1 EMS supports operation on the Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition.

Tellabs Optical LAN SR30.1 software can be downloaded on Nexus – our partner and customer resource depository. These new SR30.1 products, features and functionality will only further enhance Tellabs’ already industry leading Optical LAN solution.


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