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From entertainment and telecom in the home to patient information in healthcare, from financial data to homeland security; fast and secure access has never been in more demand. Tellabs' sole focus is to deliver secure, scalable, sustainable access to optimize network performance.

Tellabs Network Solutions Suite

Tellabs Optical LAN delivers a network that is faster, more efficient, sustainable, cost effective, scalable and adaptable to future requirements than traditional copper-based infrastructure. Optical LANs eliminate the distance constraints, power requirements and heat dispersion issues of copper. They deliver increased network security, performance and operational efficiency. There is no doubt: Optical LAN is the future of enterprise access networks.
Tellabs provides an end-to-end cost-effective broadband access solution that passes more than 5 million homes in North America. Our multiservice access platforms enable you to get the most from your existing infrastructure. You'll save costs by reducing power consumption while gaining revenue opportunities by delivering services faster. Tellabs T1000 - the industry’s only Broadband Digital Loop Carrier platform that converges legacy copper and modern fiber connectivity.
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100S Optical Network Terminal (ONT100S) – Limited Availability

Optical LAN
  • Fast and easy standards-based connectivity to 3rd party devices
  • Small and compact introducing no space and power factors
  • Supports symmetrical one gigabit speed bandwidth
  • Enable Tellabs Optical LAN advanced software features
  • Gain Tellabs Panorama PON Manager operational efficiencies
  • Compliant to ITU-T G.984 and ITU-T 988 ONT Management and Control Interface (OMCI) standards
  • Supports SFP diagnostic monitoring per SFF-8472

180C Optical Network Terminal (ONT180C) – Limited Availability

Optical LAN
  • Eight (8)10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with Power over Ethernet support for 4-ports of 4PPoE supporting 802.3af/at/bt, and Cisco UPoE, and 4-ports of 802.3af/at PoE
  • Fast and efficient IP endpoint provisioning, including power management, monitoring and configurations with Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) Media Endpoint Discovery (MED)
  • Data, VoIP, unified communications and IP video in many forms (e.g., entertainment, surveillance, conferencing)
  • Wireless access points, surveillance, security, automation, access control and other corporate services
  • Uses Tellabs’ industry-leading software-defined traffic management, security, provisioning and quality of service mechanisms
  • Network Access Control (NAC) enables individual user service profiles to automatically follow a user to any port on the Tellabs Optical LAN system, including service profile and security settings
  • Operates seamlessly with Tellabs’ complete line of OLTs and along side all ONTs

Advanced Operations Software Package

Optical LAN
  • Uses Tellabs’ industry-leading software-defined global profiles, traffic management, security, provisioning and traffic management mechanisms
  • Global policies increase automation with more machine-to-machine actions and limiting human-to-machine actions
  • Reduce mission-critical yet repetitive operational tasks to effectively zero dollars
  • Providing quick views, fast isolation and easy drill-down uncovers root causes and speeds resolution
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