Sinclair Holdings’ Farukh Aslam Speaking At BICSI Fall And HTNG Insight About Optical LAN Synergies With Wireless, IoT And Digital Power

I’m very pleased to announce that Farukh Aslam of Sinclair Holdings will be speaking at both HTNG Insight Summit North America 2017 and BICSI Fall 2017 this month.


A big part of Farukh’s presentation, at both BICSI and HTNG, will be dedicated to our Sinclair Holdings Optical LAN case study and the successes achieved implementing a modern IoT architecture at his 3 intelligent buildings in downtown Fort Worth Texas. The case study, as well as his speaking engagements, will highlight the benefits that Sinclair Holdings gained with Optical LAN, such as:


  • Efficient connectivity of many IoT devices allowing proactive management of intelligent buildings
  • Centralized architecture of OLAN and Digital Power that is safer, more reliable and saves money
  • OLAN’s ability to support 4x gigabit Ethernet port density in 90% less building space
  • 200x better reach compared to legacy copper-based networks that breaks traditional demarcations
  • Reduced construction impact on data center, pathways and telecom rooms in historical buildings

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