Small But Mighty: 140C Mini ONT Provides High-Density Enterprise Connectivity

With its simplified IT infrastructure, cost-effective IT utilization and increased security, more and more enterprises are adopting fiber-based Optical LAN to address their cloud, mobility, analytics, M2M, and Internet of things (IoT) applications and services for their networks.  With the increased adoption, the demand for smaller, more efficient equipment grows as well.


In the past, bringing Optical LAN to the users desk required traditional optical network terminals (ONTs).  These were placed on or under a user’s desk and required cabling strung around workstations.  This in turn created clutter and made the work environment more prone to disconnection.


To address this, Tellabs developed a series of Mini ONTs that are specifically designed to comfortably fit inside corporate offices.  The Tellabs 140C Mini ONT is the latest addition to our Mini ONT family.


The 140C Mini ONT provides high-density Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.  It supports the modern office and extended campus environments and creates a neat, clean and efficient workspace.  It can be integrated inside office furniture, secured to a wall, mounted underneath a desk or just be free-standing on a desktop.


Even though it is small in size, this powerful ONT delivers all modern enterprise services and applications, including voice, video, high-speed data, wireless, security, access controls and building automation.  On top of this, all of its features and functionality can be defined in software and dynamically allocated, based on real-time needs, helping enterprises lay the foundation for SDN.


For more about the 140C Mini ONT, click here.