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911 Redundancy and Diversity

Network operators trust the Tellabs 1000 MSAP solution for 911 connectivity to Public-Safety Answering Points for the highest degree of redundancy, diversity and reliability.

USA service providers put their trust in the Tellabs 1000 MSAP

The FCC has imposed new network reliability requirements for Public-Safety Answering Point (PSAP) call centers responsible for answering calls for police, firefighting and first-responders services. They have done this to improve the resiliency of 911 networks. To meet these federal requirements, service providers are adding equipment redundancy and route diversity to both central and remote offices where voice switches, Digital Data Service (DDS) and databases exist. No doubt there is an altruistic duty to meet these 911 reliability benchmarks, but by no means are there new revenue streams to offset the additional costs for service providers.

More and more service providers are turning to the Tellabs 1000 MSAP for their network modernization projects. The Tellabs 1000 is the only fiber-fed digital loop carrier available on the market today, and with the long-standing access heritage, it is highly likely that the Tellabs 1000 MSAP is already tested, approved, installed and operationalized with most North American 911 service providers. This makes for a smart, easy, and cost-effective access solution to satisfy the goals of the 911 PSAP redundancy and diversity architecture with the Tellabs 1000 MSAP.

Quick Facts

  • Tellabs 1000 is approved, installed and operationalized with most 911 providers
  • Copper circuits such as POTS, T1, PRI, 56K DDS and DS0 are supported today
  • The Tellabs 1000 provides both fiber-based and copper-based transport options
  • Tellabs Panorama Manager offers proactive monitoring and troubleshooting
  • The Tellabs 1000 is the industry’s only fiber-fed IP-enabled digital loop carrier
  • Unwavering support for traditional copper-based telecommunications services

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Now more than ever, 911 networks need the highest degree of redundancy, diversity and reliability
Now more than ever, 911 networks need the highest degree of redundancy, diversity and reliability

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OC3c Transceiver (OC3c-XCVR)

The highest degree of redundancy, diversity and reliability

Historic high reliability and system redundancy

The Tellabs 1000 MSAP is a highly reliable access platform that has delivered lifeline POTS and 911 services for decades. This is possible because of its fully redundant architecture that allows for duplicity of powering (e.g. LPSU cards) and common control (e.g. CPU3 card). System redundancy can be provided by building two Local Exchange Terminals (LET) at the main central office, and sharing network resources across both systems with two Element Management System interfaces (e.g. IPMI3). In system configurations where expansion channel bank assemblies are needed, they too can also be outfitted with redundant power (e.g. RPSU) and common control (e.g. EBC3, ELU3). The net result is a highly reliable MSAP system with network up-time availability at 99.999%, which has been confirmed through actual field performance data and also validated by predictive calculations data.

Redundant and Diverse Copper Circuit Services

The Tellabs 1000 MSAP can provide an impressive number of legacy copper services including POTS, ISDN, DDS, T0 and T1 and the latest in xDSL technologies. Relative to the 911 PSAP redundancy and diversity application, the most common copper circuits needed are POTS, T1, PRI, 56K DDS and DS0 special services. These copper circuits are available today on the Tellabs 1000 MSAP with the full support of the Tellabs corporations from engineering, product management, sales, distribution, logistics, warranty, TAC and professional services. For connectivity to the DDS switches accessing the redundant Automatic Location Information (ALI) and Automatic Number Identification (ANI) databases, the Tellabs 1000 can provide 56K DDS circuits and T1 links to channel banks. Furthermore, the Tellabs 1000 has the flexibility to be equipped as a D4 channel bank or 1/0 Digital Access Cross-Connect (DAC). Finally, the Tellabs 1000  T1 cards can then provide the redundant and diverse access to the voice switches.

Redundant and Diverse Copper or Fiber Transport

The Tellabs 1000 MSAP can offer multiple options for transport between access equipment located at main central offices, remote offices and environmental hardened cabinets. The Tellabs 1000 supports fiber-based transport such as OC3c, or OC12c, or Gigabit Ethernet options, while also supporting copper-based transport like DS1, HDSL, G.SHDSL or DS3 too. For the 911 PSAP redundancy and diversity application, it is important to have the flexibility to support both copper and fiber transport options – of course with system, card and port redundancy that creates the route diversity needed. These network connections will be necessary between the different locations where the emergency 911 call centers, police, firefighting, and ambulance services exist; and where the PSAP voice switches, DDS switches and call information reside.

Proactive network monitoring

The FCC is asking the service providers to take reasonable measures to provide reliable service. One way to ensure the highest degree of network availability is through proactive network monitoring as provided by Tellabs Panorama Element Management System (EMS). Without an overarching EMS, you are working in a post-failure reactive mode of operations which most likely means “rolling a truck”. It is also likely that these 911 PSAP are in rural communities, where proactive remote monitoring is ideal. The Tellabs Panorama EMS is a powerful network management within reach of the network administrator and speeds operations across both copper and fiber-fed services. Tellabs Panorama EMS is a simple, single screen, point and click GUI, which enables more efficient human-to-machine interfaces and machine-to-machine automation of proactive monitoring, troubleshooting and daily operations. Tellabs Panorama EMS offers flow-through provisioning as well as centralized management from a controlled, remote location that ensures consistent policies and procedures are achieved.

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